The Earth Collective Organic and Natural Lifestyle Bazaar: Gurgaon

6 products that make it worth a visit!

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If you live in Gurgaon, are interested in leading a more eco-friendly lifestyle, but don’t know where to start – this might be a good place for you. This three month old The Earth Collective: Organic and Natural Lifestyle Bazaar brings together an eclectic mix of passionate participants, entrepreneurs who are committed to bringing the goodness of natural products and well being to everyday consumers. It’s curated by Meenu Nageshwaran, celebrated chef and champion of the natural way of life.

The Earth Collective organizes this bazaar in two locations across Gurgaon every Friday evening between 5 and 8 pm. We visited the one held at The Patio, Nirvana Country on a Friday two weeks ago, and have put together a list of six must try products that are available there. We highly recommend that you visit and try them out. Also sign up for regular updates from The Earth Collective by liking their page on Facebook.


In summary,  there was a riot of products on sale besides veggies. This included kitchenware, staples, home and skin-care, clothes and other personal care products.  But we at DoGreen were particularly impressed by the six listed here, because we actually tried them out ourselves. We are confident that other products are just as good, and look forward to reviewing those in the future :-)

6 top product picks from The Earth Collective: Organic and Natural Lifestyle Bazaar  

  1. Rosehip Tea from Muskotia FarmsFound mostly in the Uttarakhand hills and particularly in and around Nainital, this home grown herbal tea made from the petals of the Rosehip flowers, has medicinal properties, and with an added peppermint flavor is delicious and refreshing. Also try the ice-tea made of Rhododendron (available for sampling at the event) and Thyme teas, in addition to other natural products developed at Muskotia Farms.
  2. Flavored Himalayan Pink Salt from The Artisan Palate:  The Himalayan Pink Salt, a natural unprocessed salt known to be enriched with 84 trace minerals and elements which are easily absorbed by the body is considered a great additive (although we wouldn’t recommend it as a replacement for Table Salt just yet). Artisan Palate has options that are flavored with Onion, Cinnamon, Mint, Schezuan and more to create an interesting mix of flavors for one’s palate.
  3. Tulsi infused ghee by Back to Basics: Back To Basics is a brand owned by corporate professionals and part time farmers. In addition to other milk related products from their farm, we found the Tulsi infused Gir Cow Ghee the most interesting. It’s free from preservatives and produced Organically, and presented as an elixir for migraine and nausea patients.  
  4. Garlic pickle by Sue’s Preserves: Sue’s Preserves had such a colorful bag of edible creativity that one was perplexed about what to buy.  Sue’s Preserves is a collection of various jams and pickles, made with the freshest of ingredients. The Garlic pickle in particularly is delicious, and one of the most popular items. 
  5. Do The Birdy Dance- Natural Deodorant Cream by Common Oxen: Retailed by Home and My Earth a curator of natural and Organic home care and personal hygiene products, this natural Deodorant Cream is made of Organic cold pressed oils, Baking soda and Arrow Root starch among other things. It glides on smoothly, the peppermint provides a nice cool feeling, and the Baking Soda kills neutralizes odor producing bacteria – leaving you fresh and B.O. free for at least 24 hours.  Read our post on You May Want to Dump Your Deo to know why this product makes sense.
  6. Nature Sooth – Grain and Essential Oil Body Wraps from Organic Maati: If you’re someone who suffers from common aches and uses cold and warm compresses regularly, you must try this product from Organic Maati. The Nature Soothe Grain and Essential Oil body wraps are made of cotton fabric, with wheat grain inside, infused with different essential oils. They are designed to be of the right weight and structure to provide relief in sore areas. You can pop them in the microwave if you’re looking for a heat compress, or into the freezer for a cold compress. As eco-friendly alternatives they beat rubber based hot water bottles, or polyester based cold compresses any day.

Some of the other brands present at the event include Earth Organic, Beejom, Native Roots and Himalayan Haat. With 20 odd stalls, while the bazaar itself was small, it offered an assorted, and comprehensive range of products, broad enough to allow everyone, even a novice to take the first steps towards eco-friendly living.

You must visit this bazaar to meet the passionate bunch of entrepreneurs, and we’re confident you’ll walk away with at least a few things that are worth falling in love with! But before you do, read our post on Natural, Herbal, Organic? What’s the difference?, and What to eat Organic veggies? Ditch these 5 habits first.


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