Uber cool ways to repurpose old school supplies!

repurpose old school supplies

Spring is here and with it comes the excitement of the long awaited vacations for the young ones. It’s also a time of change and a time for new – from grade to teachers, to even supplies and stationery, everything undergoes a change. While shopping for new supplies is sure fun, it doesn’t necessarily mean the old ones need to be shown the trashcan.

Here are 8 fun ways to repurpose and reuse old school supplies:

  1. The Pencil Eraser Stamp: Erasers seem to live forever, so if you have a pouch full of these laying around, we suggest you transform them into ‘pencil eraser stamps’. These easy to create stamps from waste be something your child can put to good use in the summer. Let them make their own stamp gift-wrapping papers for starters. Watch this video tutorial for step-by-step instructions.  

2. Fun with Crayons: If you usually find yourself with a lot of broken crayons or are left with incomplete sets, you have two options.

      • Create New Shape Crayons: Melt the half broken crayons (you could consider experimenting and mixing different colours) and pour them into fun shaped silicon moulds and once hardened, hand them back for use.

Image Courtesy: http://www.sheknows.com/parenting/articles/979355/make-old-crayons-like-new-with-diy-craft

    • Crayon Charms for the Home: A unique way to use those crayons is to turn them into pretty charms. Charms made from crayon shavings can add life to corners in the kids’ room. For instructions, click here.
  • Use at Home Stationery Kit: Put them in your ‘stationery for home’ pouch and let them only use only these when they want to colour at home.


3. Colour pencil jewellery or picture frame: Much like crayons, there are plenty of colour pencils one finds lying around, stubbed or half broken.

      1. Their gorgeous colours makes them great for jewellery. Here’s how you can convert them into lovely necklaces and brooches for kids. A word of caution – you may need assistance with drilling holes into the pencils.

      2. Alternatively, use stubs of pencils and create a brand new colourful picture frame for their room.

4. Custom Made Notebooks: If you have notebooks with some unused pages to spare, don’t show them the trashcan. Instead using a knife or scissors, cut the book up, get those spare pages and using a spiral folder clip them in or just get them spiral bound (any photocopying shop would do this for you). Use this for their rough work/ art at home. To personalise it further, create a cardboard flap and use stickers/markers or even washi tape to decorate it. Besides this, there’s a ton of other fun ways to reuse them. Read our post on 8 ways to up-cycle old notebooks to know more.

5. Old Textbook lampshades: Create a gorgeous lampshade or give your existing one a makeover with old textbook pages. This easy to do project not only looks great but also hassle free – as it uses only an additional supply of glue. For instructions, click here. P.s. the textbook lampshade works great with old comic books too .

6. Old Rulers Pencil Stand: If you’ve got some rulers lying in varying prints and sizes or a few broken ones, then this is what you must do with it – convert it into a pencil stand. Not only will be of great utility but it actually takes on no additional cost. All it needs it an empty circular or square cardboard / tin box and some glue. Here are detailed instructions on the execution.

7. Water Paint from Dried Markers: Don’t throw away those dried up markers or sketch pens just yet. Instead, soak them in small containers with water overnight and use the colour you get from that to paint, as you would in the case of water paint. 

8. Repurpose Old Glue: Yes, there’s more you can do with glue, than just stick. Add colour or ink to some runny glue and transfer it into a squirt bottle. Use it to outline art. Another option is to transfer all the left over glue into a single bottle and then put it to use as per need.

We hope the ideas inspire you enough to try and upcycle old school supplies. If up-cycling isn’t for you, try and it’d be great if you could pass these on to kids who can’t afford these supplies. They would hugely appreciate things like backpacks and art and craft supply. You could reach out to a local NGO they’d be more than happy to accept your donation.

If you have any other ideas of using old school supply, please do share them with us. We’d love to see.   

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