10 ways to throw an eco-friendly party

There are several reasons for making your next party an eco-friendly one. We’ve put together a list of 10 things that are easy to do, and we hope inspire you!

  1. Use serve ware made of biodegradable material – this includes plates, glasses and even forks and spoons. Most  major stores now try Le Marche, Spencers, or just buy it online (we’ve put together a list in our products section)
  2. Avoid shiny wrapping paper (it’s made of plastic). Use paper (ideally recycled), or even newspaper (get your kids to do handprints on them for fun, and personalization)
  3. Avoid balloons if you can, make paper pom poms with your kids instead (it’s so easy to do, that even your house help could get involved quite easily)
  4. Make it easier to weave nature into your party theme by choosing the outdoors to host your party (a picnic at Lodi Garden or your favorite park would be just as nice for the kids)
  5. At your craft station use items made of clay or wood (pots to decorate etc.)
  6. Create a recycled art craft station (egg trays, cardboard, empty juice boxes, aluminum cans)
  7. If giving personalized gifts, opt for cloth instead of plastic / Rexene as a base
  8. Make your own eco-friendly decoration, or instruct your decorator to do so (e.g. get paper print outs of your favorite character / theme instead of hand painted thermocol cutouts)
  9. Create age appropriate activities where kids interact with nature. Here are just some ideas:
    • Fireless cooking
    • Milk shake stand
    • Sowing seeds
    • Treasure hunt with twigs, different types of leaves or flowers, and even rocks (if you’re outdoors)
  10. And finally, circulate a list of presents you would like. We know that it’s not a standard practice at least in India, but it’s a well acknowledged fact that 80% of the gifts that kids get on their birthday’s end up stored away, or broken, or lie unused after opening. If possible, specify what your child might like so waste is minimized. If you discuss this with your friends in advance, and make it a rule, you’d be surprised at the support you get.

Hope this article helps. We’d love any more ideas you may have.


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