Colour your hair – the eco friendly and chemical free way!

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Premature greying is on the rise, thanks to the stress induced lifestyles, and salons are doing brisk business covering them up with a variety of brands seeking to cash in on our vanity. Reports have shown over 5000 different chemicals are used in hair dyes/ colours and some of them are even associated with cancer causing carcinogens, which are harmful to both you and the person who applies it to your hair. Here’s how you can mKe your own eco friendly, chemical free,  hair dye using natural ingredients. Once done these can easily go into your composter, or disposed off without further damage to the environment.

  • Black Tea: A natural hair dye, black tea helps in covering the greys. The caffeine from it helps in stimulating the roots and keeps hair fall at bay.

To Use: brew yourself a strong black tea (skip the sugar) by leaving 3-5 tea bags in a cup of water. Also add to this a tablespoon of sage and rosemary dried leaves. Leave this overnight. Once the tea is ready, rinse pre washed hair with it. Alternatively, mix this black tea with your conditioner and apply it on with it. Finish it off with a cool water rinse after an hour or longer. This helps in getting a deeper darker shade that helps cover greys. Ensure, that the rinse post the tea is always with cool water, as hot water tends to make the colour leach.    

  • Coffee: If tea isn’t your drink, opt for some coffee for dark tresses. Much like the brewed tea, a strong cup of brewed coffee too works as efficiently in dying the grey strands and giving you gorgeous looking tresses that shine.  

To Use: You need to brew a strong cup of coffee and mix it with double the amount of conditioner and apply it to your greys. Wait for at least an hour prior to rinsing it off with cold water.

To Use: Take a cup full of potato peels and boil it in 2 cups of water. Use this mixture to rinse your hair after your shampoo. The smell from potatoes isn’t really pleasant, so you could consider adding a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil to it.

  • Onion and lemon juice: Onion juice is known to be rich in an antioxidant, Catalase which helps battle the build of hydrogen peroxide (a byproduct of metabolism that increases with age and thereby causes bleaching of hair)in the hair follicles that result in greying.

To Use: Simply extract three spoons of onion juice by either grating it or grinding it and squeezing out the juice and mix this with two spoons of lemon juice. Apply this mixture all over your scalp while gently massaging your scalp (this helps in stimulating the follicles and ensuring the proper absorption) and especially cover the grey strands. Leave on for approximately half hour. Rinse off with a mild organic shampoo. P.s. Applying this mixture does make the hair stiff, almost starched but that’s normal.

  • Ridge/Ribbed Gourd: This one’s famous for restoring the melanin pigment in your locks and revitalising the roots.

To Use: Dry out some pieces of ridge gourd. Once dry boil it on low flame with coconut oil, till the oil colour turns to black. Once it does, strain the oil and store it in a jar and use this oil to massage your scalp and hair. Leave on for at least 3-5 hours if not overnight to get darker strands and cover grays.

  • Coconut Oil and Curry Leaves: Coconut oil is packed with goodness, add to that curry leaves that are rich in Vit A, and it’s a perfect concoction for covering greys. Not only that, the curry leaves help in nourishing hair too.

To Use: Add a handful of curry leaves to approximately 100 ml of coconut oil and bring this mixture to boil. Once the oil has turned black, strain it and store it in a glass bottle for use later. Use this mixture to massage scalp and hair frequently during the week.

A these are all natural ingredients, they need to be used repeatedly and frequently to get the desired hair colour. Do make sure you are suitably attired when using natural hair colouring agents as they can stain clothes as easily as chemical options.

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