Food For Your Soul

Why are Organic products really good for a person. What’s the big deal?

I often have this dialogue with many acquaintances and friends I meet about why does one need to be eating organic, and what’s so special about a more natural way of living.


What is organic? What is not organic? What is natural? What is artificial? I personally feel being connected and resonating with your being- that’s what’s most organic for each one of us. Let me elaborate.

Being gentle and in rhythm with mother nature- how does that serve us? In the womb the rhythm of the mother’s heartbeat is what reassures the growing embryo. It’s the predictability of that beat, that creates a sense of security in us. That’s how we were before we opened our eyes to this world.

The Human Body- in a dance- a rhythm that exists innately- in the “lubDUB”of the heartbeat, the continuous flow of the inhale-exhale of the breath , the pulse, the sleeping and the waking. In Nature -the rhythms- of day and night; the periodicity of the seasons, what come before and what comes after- all so predictable. That’s what actually resonates with each one of us. We seek that in our daily routine, in our lives and our relationships with each other. We all find a sense of comfort in repetition. It is quintessential to our “being” HUMAN. That is most naturally organic.

Organic food is a small but vital part of an organic living- It’s a lifestyle. It a far distance from the monster of “convenience” and would require a thinking and planning being. To respect the rhythms and movements and then seek them in the energy that we consume- that’s the beginning of this journey. That’s a space I feel I found myself in when I was entrusted to take charge of new souls on this planet. Motherhood raises this question for many of us. In this journey I am learning along the way, and like anything else the more I work at it the simpler and logical the next step becomes.

Organic food then is about being in rhythm with your true basic self. It thus becomes essential to first know your “unadulterated self” and thereof move to preserve that self. It’s only if one feels value in him/herself that one would seek to bring for oneself nourishing food of value. Its also true that organic food carries within it the natural prana energy that fuels us from within. Unlike processed and packaged food that is full of preservatives. Fresh uncontaminated food then becomes “soul food” and inturn can lead us to find our true self. Maybe that can work for you.

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3 thoughts on “Food For Your Soul”

  1. Yatin April 20, 2016

    Great article.. Organic is our nature

  2. Raj May 27, 2016

    I have used Earth-organic products in past and they are very nice and ofcourse healthy. The best i love is their Anmol Organic Amla Concentrate and Organic Haldi Gold.

    • Niharika
      Niharika July 17, 2016

      Thank you for your kind compliments Raj. Our true purpose is to serve an honest option. So glad to hear this.

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