12 creative ways to reuse plastic bags at home

reuse plastic bags at home

Plastic, seen as an almost basic necessity, is one of the biggest polluters on this planet that takes close to 1000 years to decompose. And, while it decomposes in landfills or is burnt, it releases toxic gases including Methane which have serious health implications for humans and animals. When not in landfills, it clogs our roads and is ingested by animals, or by marine life when it finds its way into our water streams. Approximately 6137 tonnes remained uncollected and littered in Bengaluru alone.

So what can you do? For one buy less plastic. And two, the plastic you do have lying around – don’t throw it away, instead reuse it! It lasts for ever, and is extremely strong – acting as a perfect aid in many situations.


1. Plastic bag placemats/table-mats: Placemats/Table-mats are an absolute necessity; especially so one can keep the tablecloth from soiling. Here’s how to create uber cool placemats from old plastic bags at home.

2. Keep paintbrushes from drying: Put away your brush once you’re done painting in a plastic wrap and keep it in the refrigerator. This will keep the brush and paint from drying and hardening.

3. Create your own skipping rope: Braid multiple plastic bags together and use it in this super efficient manner, to create a long lasting fitness gadget – a skipping rope. Click here for detailed DIY instructions.

4. Clean shower-heads: Fill in a plastic bag with vinegar and leave it tied it to shower-head for a few hours to help you fight stains and remove scum and mildew.

5. Create your own kite: If you’ve kids at home, then this one’s for you. Create your own kite sitting at home, out of old plastic bags. Click here for instructions.

6. Waterproof wallet: Create your own money keeper with old plastic bags. This will ensure you give the plastic bag new life. For detailed instructions, click here.

7. Pot a plant: Plastic bags are great for a new plant, which is to be potted. Just poke some holes at the bottom of the plastic bag and add the soil and seeds. Once the plant starts to grow, transfer it into a proper pot.

8. Trash can covers: Skip wasting money on buying trashcan covers, instead just reuse old plastic bags lying at home, to line those bins. If you’re using newspaper linings for wet waste segregation, using a plastic lining for the bins helps even then to keep the bin from getting soiled. Tie up the plastic bag to your bin and then line it with paper. Dispose off the bin bag when it starts to leak or gives way. This way, you’ve given the plastic a good extended life.

9. Use them as gloves: Working in the kitchen or in the garden? Make your own gloves with plastic bags.

10. Convert plastic bags into cereal keeping containers: All you need is a cap from a multivitamin bottle that flips open. Transfer your cereal into the plastic bag. Attach the multivitamin flip top cap to the mouth of the cereal bag. For a detailed DIY instruction, click here.  

11. Wrap fragile items: Use old plastic bags to pack up all fragile items and double the cushioning by increasing the layers of plastic.

12. For carrying soiled clothes: Carry plastic bags for bringing back soiled clothes from trips. Packing these in before your travel, saves the addition of new plastic bags. 

We hope you find the ideas inspiring enough to put to use. Additionally, do read out post on 5 ways of reusing plastic bags in the kitchen. If you have any more ideas on how to use plastic bags interestingly, please do share them with us.

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