upcycle old towels

Upcycle old towels

Towels can last a long time, but not forever and often find their way into landfills. They are however perfect for upcycling due to their strong and absorbent quality.  Here are 10 creative ways in which you can extend...

upcycle old ladder

Upcycle those ladders

If you’ve got a ladder at home that’s come of age, don’t show it the trash can yet. In the time of upcycling, old ladders can be transformed into gorgeous tailored pieces that can enhance and add life to the little...

how to make tote

Create your own Tote!

If you’re not into the ‘bring your own bag’ movement yet, then you need to get on quickly. It’s the simplest way to reduce your use of plastic bags while shopping. Since the enforcement of the long-awaited ban on...

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