10 Creative Picture Frames Made From Waste!

DIY frames from waste

If you’ve been scouting for the perfect picture frames to adorn that wall at home or your work – look no further! Here are some simple ideas that use objects easily available in your house and can be upcycled into fun picture frames.

  1. A Frame from Cardboard and Yarn: This one’s perfect to add colour to bare walls. Create a few of these and make a picture wall. All you need is an empty stiff cardboard box, some pretty different coloured yarns, and some basic craft supplies. The steps to follow are pretty simple and can be found here


  2. Fun Shaped Frames from Cardboard: Make fun shaped frames out of an old cardboard box – think comic book sounds/ onomatopoeia, or other vintage shapes. Cover these up with fun gift-wrapping paper to make them even more fun – you could even cover these frames up with old comic book pages for a quirkier look. Hang them on a string or stick them on your wall. Click here for instructions.


  3. Paper Reed Frames: These are made by tightly rolling up old magazine pages. Either pick an old picture frame that you want to give new life or make a cardboard frame, like the one above. For instructions on making this frame, click here.


  4. Tube Frames: Don’t throw away tubes from toilet papers or paper towels – use cardboards efficiently. Read our post on 10 ways to upcycle cardboard to know more. Toilet roll / paper roll tubes can be transformed into circular frames to create a lovely wall display. For instructions, click here.

  5. Frame from Old CDs: Don’t throw away old cds – the plastic they’re made from won’t degrade for years. Instead, make them into fun frames. Play around with the number of discs you have and create your own custom made frame. Here are step-by-step instructions.

  6. Old Book Frame: There are lots of things that can be done with old books and our post ‘8 ways to upcycle old books’ is a great place to start. In addition to those, hardbound books make for gorgeous vintage looking photo frames. Find the detailed instructions here.


  7. Frames from Ice Cream Sticks: Considering the season, collecting these sure won’t be a tough task and they are easy to make. All you need are some pretty printed washi tapes or you could paint /draw on your stick, some glue and ice cream sticks. Instructions are available here. We find these frames ideal for the workstation/ kids room or even the refrigerator.


  8. Straw Hanging Frame: This has to the easiest frame you can make from waste. Make it using two pretty looking paper straws. If you plan on using old used straws, just ensure you have rinsed them well. If you have plastic straws, you could use those too, but just wrap them up in pretty washi tape, prior to cutting them up. Click here for instructions.  

  9. Straw Table Frame: This one is a great choice for a bedside table. Choose from a theme of paper straws that would compliment the colour of the room/ area where you plan to place it. This frame idea works great if you plan to refurbish an old picture frame/ combine it with the cardboard frame idea, listed above. Listed here are the instructions for making one of these.


  10. Clothespin Frame: Wooden clothespins are ideal for this project and if you have some to spare, then this is the project for you! All you need is an old piece of cardboard, glue, and some clips. You could consider customising the frame further by painting it / tying the yarn around the circle, prior to the sticking the clips etc. For basic instructions, click here.

If you are inspired by the above post to transform some waste from home into gorgeous frames, do share the pictures of your projects with us. If you have any other ideas, do share those too. We’d love to hear.


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