5 products from upcycled tyres that you can buy now

upcycle tyre products

There are a lot of reasons why you should think twice before disposing off an old tyre from your car. Not only does it pile up in landfills taking  literally forever to decompose and adding poisonous gases to our already polluted air, but also because it can be super useful after its original use. To know how you can upcycle tyres in more ways than one, click here.

For those of you who don’t have the time, energy or patience to try out DIYs, you can still make a difference by buying products that are made using old tyres. Listed below are five cool products you can buy and the companies making these.



  • Eco wings: This company aims at providing a solution by offering a varied range and style of bags for both men and women, Ipad cases and accessories like pen stands, stationary, keychains, pouches etc. All products are made using old tyre tubes from trucks and the like. Made from tyre tubes these are perfect replacements for leather, as not only are they durable and long lasting, they are also waterproof. To look up their entire range of products click here. We personally like their idea of the tyre bound stationary books.


  • Paaduks: ‘‘Paaduks’’ range of shoes are made using scrap tyres for the soles. What’s more, the entire process of converting scraps of tyres for soles is done without any chemicals. The company also works using fair trade practices with cobblers, making for an even better cause. Their range of attractive, brightly coloured footwear can be seen here. Their collection makes it difficult to choose but we’re in love with their latest shoe range.


  • The Retyrement Plan: Looking for some uber cool furniture for your home, opt for the ones offered by ‘The Retyrement Plan’. Their range of ottomans,  chairs, tables among others are made using old tyres twined with woven textiles that are picked up as waste along with a variety of things, including old wood, bamboo, cane and other such sustainable goodies. Their range of furniture can be looked up here. We’ve fallen for their monsoon lounger.  


  • Bylanes of India: Their work entails painting on discarded tyres along with recycling the metal frame and retailing that too. Look out for their fun hand painted swings for children. We think that’s a clear winner . Look up Bylanes of India on their Facebook page here.
  • Swechha Bags: Much like ‘Eco Wings’, ‘Sweccha’ too makes bags from old tubes of tyres. Choose from their range of gym bags, totes or even cross body bags. Recycled tyre tubes bags are a part of their overall product offerings which include products like wallets and bags made from chips packets, tetra packs etc. Their range is available here. Our vote goes to their tyre tube gym bag.

Look these up and do let us know what you think of these enterprises. Know of any others, please do share the details with us.

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