Want ripped jeans? Make them yourself!

how to make ripped jeans

If you are someone who likes to stay at par with the fashion trends – then distressed denim / ripped jeans would definitely be something you’d want in your wardrobe. Distressed denims have made a huge comeback, however, fast fashion trends come at a huge cost to the environment, and your jeans will probably find their way to a landfill in no time.

The solution? Upcycling your old denim into a brand new, super stylish pair!


How to Make Distressed Jeans

Step 1: Go through your wardrobe and pull out a pair of super comfy, worn out denims, preferably in a light colour. Get yourself the basic supplies – a pumice stone or sandpaper, a scissor or tweezer, a hardboard/ cardboard, chalk or pencil.

Step 2: Wash your denim a couple of times in hot water and if you wish to water down the colour of your denims, you could even consider adding a little lime juice and baking soda to give it a slight bleached look.

Step 3: Identify the areas you would like to rip and mark them with your chalk. The beauty of bespoke denims is you get to choose the areas you want to rip and don’t have to settle for the ones that are available.

Step 4: Insert the hardboard/ cardboard into the leg to avoid the denim from getting altered at the back.

Step 5: Using the sandpaper/pumice stone, start scraping the area you have highlighted, till it starts fraying/ thinning down. This may take a little time depending on the thickness of the denim you’ve chosen. Once it’s frayed, you could use a tweezer to pull out more threads. If you’d like the chopped off look, then using a scissor, cut off the marked area carefully.

When working with ripping denim, avoid very clean cuts, as they’d take away from the look. Ta da! Your bespoke distressed denim are ready to be worn and flaunted and at no added expense.

Once completed, do share the pictures with us, we’d love to see. If you’ve made one before, do share some pictures of those too and also some tips if you have ☺. We’d love to hear.

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