Upcycle old towels

upcycle old towels

Towels can last a long time, but not forever and often find their way into landfills. They are however perfect for upcycling due to their strong and absorbent quality.  Here are 10 creative ways in which you can extend their life and keep them from the dustbin!

1. Bath Pouf: With simple sewing, you can convert an old towel into a gorgeous bath pouf. This way you also reduce your use of plastic. Try this easy idea out quickly. 


2. Soap Pouch: If the pouf isn’t for you because you prefer soap bars, then consider making a soft soap pouch from an old towel. All it needs are some basic sewing skills and you’ll have a scrubby ready in no time. Click here for instructions.

3. Bath Puppet: This one’s perfect for those with young ones at home. Create this bath hand puppet and use it for gentle scrubbing and cleaning, or as a toy and make bathing your child easier. Here’s how.

4. Baby Bib: If you have a baby or a toddler around, you can’t get enough of these. With this simple tutorial, you can make plenty of these at home and at no cost. Use them or gift them, just don’t throw the towel away.


5. Picnic Spread:  Got a few old towels to discard? Then here’s how you can use them – sew together about 4 bathing towels together (simple sewing works) and keep it in your car. The next time you have an impromptu picnic, pull it out and put it to use. To clean, simply put it in the wash. 

6. Caddy/ Travel Kit: Keep the bathroom organised by fixing yourself a simple towel caddy. Hang it in the bathroom for guests with all the basic bath necessities. For instructions on making one, click here. Additionally, you could make a travel kit from an old hand towel. Sew the towel as can be seen in the image and attach a string at one end. Roll this kit and use it for your basic travel accessories.

7. Mop: Stick mops are now a common sight in most households but they, unfortunately, don’t have a great shelf life, thereby needing constant replacement. Making one at home is hugely cost effective and also easy to fix. Click here to get the instructions.


8. Beach Spread with Pillow: A couple of old towels make for a perfect beach bed/ sun bathing bed. All you need to do is sew an old pillow at one end, sew on a handle at the other, and sew all the ends to keep it from fraying. It’s now ready for use. Stack it in the car back for your next beach trip. Instructions can be found here.

9. Beach Bag: Make yourself a lovely tote bag for the beach. It’s good for dumping the basic beach necessities and once back, can be easily dusted, and even washed. Here’s how you can make one.


10. Hanging Dish/Kitchen Towel: Keep the kitchen towel in one place by making yourself one hanging dishtowel. All you need is an old towel, that may have frayed in parts/ faded and isn’t fit for your bathing routine, and some fabric to spare. The step-by-step instructions provide a good guide.

Your effort to save a towel from reaching the landfill will go a long way. Every year tons of clothes are clogging landfills across the world. So, think twice before discarding any garment.

If you have any other efficient uses for an old towel, please do share them with us.


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