Upcycle those ladders

upcycle old ladder

If you’ve got a ladder at home that’s come of age, don’t show it the trash can yet. In the time of upcycling, old ladders can be transformed into gorgeous tailored pieces that can enhance and add life to the little corners in your home.  

Here are 10 ways to transform old ladders into super functional, striking pieces of art:

  1. Leaning shelf for the kitchen: Get yourself a super functional piece without any effort. This leaning ladder only needs additional metal baskets. Recline this against a wall in your kitchen and use the metal basket to keep your supplies/ fresh produce. The racks above can easily be used to hang the kitchen cloth/apron. Alternatively, use this in your bathroom to hang towels.

2. Leaning or suspended pots and pans hanger: All you need to do is recline the ladder against the wall and hang ‘s’ hooks on them. These will save you the trouble of rummaging through shelves when you need your pots and pans the most. Alternatively, you could consider tying the two ends of the ladder with ropes or chains and then suspending the ladder from the ceiling. Add the ‘s’ hooks when done. Just make sure ensure that this is done in such a place that the pots and pans don’t bump into your head when hung

3. Ladder wardrobe for the kids:  Here’s an idea if you’d like to create a quirky room for your child. With this ladder turned wardrobe you won’t have to wade through piles of clothes in your kids’ cupboard.

4. Create your own open wardrobe: A cool open wardrobe makes a statement piece. Again, this one’s a little tedious, so you should consider bringing your carpenter on board to assist you with this. For instructions click here. Alternatively, if this isn’t for you, try the kids’ open wardrobe style for yourself too.

5. Suspended picture frame or a chandelier: Identify an area of your home where you could suspend a longish picture frame. Suspend it on strong ropes/ with chains from the ceiling (p.s. get that carpenter we mentioned earlier). String pictures and other little notes or even lights / any other such pretty things to this suspended ladder and you have a stunning piece of art there, that too without much effort. 


6. Stepladder shoe rack: If you’ve been looking for a portable shoe rack, look no further. Your old ladder makes for a good one. All you need to do is get it hooked onto the wall, behind your door or some such place. Hang the shoes with heels on these with ease.

7. Shelves for bedside: This one does involve a little bit of labour, so get a carpenter involved. Hammer in some planks of wood to your ladder to give it a little base – this helps you keep your knick-knacks and make it a bit of a display unit too. If this is too tedious for you, just lean the ladder and hook it against the wall. You could even attach your lampshade to this and use it to hang books and glasses.


8. Stepladder for corner table: Ideal if you have an old small stepladder. All you need to do to transform it into a cool corner table is to get a circular piece of glass for the tabletop and get a carpenter who can help fit this onto the ladder. That’s really it – you could just create a table from waste ☺.

9. Library: If you’re an avid reader and have a collection of books, consider making yourself a cost effective library. Hammer your old ladder onto the wall (as seen in the pic) but on hooks, which help create some distance between the wall and the ladder. Ta Da! You have your ladder library ready.

10. Plant holders: This one’s perfect to liven up corners and it’s ideal to make from a step ladder i.e. one with a wider base for each step. Hang plants in baskets or on hooks. If the stepladder isn’t wide enough, consider adding a small plank of wood at the base. You could even paint the ladder to a colour that compliments your home.

We hope you find our ideas helpful and can put them to use. If you’ve done any such repurposed projects before, with a ladder or any other household item, please do share their pictures or your experience. We’d love to share it with others!

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