7 ways to upcyle denims for kids

upcycle old denims for kids

We’ve already told you about how amazingly this denim fabric can be up-cycled. We’ve further put a post for you on how to recycle it for. Listed below are 5 such ways.

  1. Caddy for kids’ keeps: Create a long caddy to tuck away the kids’ clips or other knick-knacks. Use pockets from old denims and sew them onto an open leg (cut open the leg) of an old denim. Use the pockets to store bands, and use the sides to clip the clips on. Click here for instructions. 

  2. Soft toys: Old denims can be easily used to create soft play toys for babies and toddlers. Cut out the denim in the shape you desire (cat, whales, etc.) and fill in the stuffing. For instructions, click here.

  3. Denim Bibs: Bibs are a necessity with any newborn. Create uber cool upcycled ones from old denims. They are quite resistant to stains and easy to manage. For DIY instructions, click here.

  4. Play crowns for kids: Here’s something uber cool to make from old denims – crowns for role plays. All you need is a pair of old denim cut into a long strip with triangular heads. For instructions, click here. Involve the kids and get them to enhance their crown with embellishments. 

  5. Bunting for kids rooms: Enhance the kids rooms by creating a bunting and hanging it on a wall. The bunting could also have the kids name sewn on to it. Alternatively, create this bunting using pockets from old denims strung together. Click here for instructions. 


  6. Headbands from old denims: Old denims can be easily transformed into gorgeous looking headbands. All you need to do is pull out an old adult pair of denims and cut them into a long enough strip to wrap around an old band. For detailed instructions, click here.


  7. Denim Hair Bows: Get gorgeous looking hair bows for your girl from old scraps of denim. Not only do these look stunning, but you get an added bonus of not having to invest in expensive clips. Click here for DIY instructions.

If you have more ideas that we can use – share with us!


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