10 ways Cornstarch can replace Chemicals in your home

uses of cornstarch at home

Cornstarch goes beyond being just a thickening agent used in food. Derived from the kernel of corns, this silky powder or starch has innumerable uses at home. Not only is it cheap, and therefore affordable but also successfully helps replace chemicals. Listed below are 10 uses of cornstarch.

  • As an ink stain remover: If you’ve got ink stains on your shirt or clothes, just apply a mixture of cornstarch with milk onto the surface. Once it dries up, dust off the cornstarch and wash the stain as normal.
  • Use it for soothing irritated skin: Mix cornstarch with water and apply it on irritated skin with rashes or sunburn to soothe it. All you need to do is mix cornstarch with cold water and apply it with a cotton ball onto the affected area. Let this dry and then rinse off with lukewarm water.
  • As a deodorant: Owing to its super absorbent quality, cornstarch can be comfortably teamed with baking soda and coconut oil to make for a great natural deodorant. Use the recipe mentioned here by replacing the arrowroot powder with cornstarch.
  • Make your own dry shampoo: Dry shampoos can be easily made at home, without using any chemicals. Make yourself one using the recipe mentioned here and save yourself some money and the effort of washing your hair when you are out of time.
  • Clean dog fur: Bathing your pet regularly can sometimes get a little difficult. In such instances, just sprinkle some cornstarch onto your pet’s fur, rub it down, and dust off the cornstarch. This will clean the fur and will leave you good to go for a few more days.
  • Detangling knots: Have a tough knot that seems too difficult to untie? Sprinkle some cornstarch on it. This will loosen the knot and make it easy to detangle it too.  
  • Polish silver: If your silver is tarnishing, then just clean it with some cornstarch paste, made with mixing it with water. Once the paste dries up, clean with a soft cloth.
  • Clean stuffed toys: Toys can be cleaned without chemicals at home and you could read our post on ‘keep toys clean without chemicals’ to know more on how to do so. To clean a stuffed toy, simply sprinkle it with cornstarch and put this in a paper bag and give it a good shake. Leave it on for a bit and then vacuum this toy, or simply dust off the cornstarch.
  • Get rid of greasy stains: Being good at absorbing oil, makes for cornstarch to be great at sucking oil stains from clothes and leather items too. Just sprinkle some on the greasy area and leave it overnight. Then brush it off.

Using these simple hacks will sure help you do your bit and keep the environment from having more chemicals induced into it ☺. Every little effort counts. If you know of any other ways of using cornstarch, do share the ideas with us!


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