5 ways of reusing personal care bottles

reuse plastic bottles

Most of the empty shampoo and oil bottles from our personal care don’t end up getting recycled and find their way to the landfills. Repurposing them can transform is not only easy, but can also transform them into great utility products.

Listed below are five interesting DIY projects for you to explore:

  1. Kitchen Sink Caddy: Don’t ever go looking for a lost sponge and soap bar again. Use an old shampoo bottle to create this uber utilitarian sink caddy. For a detailed DIY instruction, look up here. You could also look at creating a simple multipurpose caddy like the one mentioned below.
  1. Multipurpose Utility Caddy: Hang these multipurpose caddies made from empty shampoo or oil bottles in your shower area to keep your little clips, pins and scrunchies or other knick knacks. Alternatively, use it as a mobile phone caddy and put away all those phone charging point woes. Look up details on that here. Or simply hang it on the door and leave little notes in it for your partner, child or self reminders even.


  2. Incense stick holder: Slice up an old oil/shampoo bottle and use it to light incense sticks. Prior to using it, paint it in some happy colours and make a small insertion at the bottom of the bottle – to put the stick through.

    4. Get mobile with this caddy: We all have those moments when we are out working in areas like the kitchen, our lawns etc., wearing clothes which may either not have a pocket or have pockets which won’t comfortably fit our phone. This is where this caddy comes to the rescue. All it entails is cutting out a shampoo bottle in a size compatible to your phone (for a detailed DIY instruction, click here) and simply clipping it on to your leggings/ pants with a bulldog office clip.

5. A pretty piece of jewellery: Cut out little triangular shapes of your personal care bottle you plan of using. Ideally choose the one with the colour you wish to have for your neck piece. String them together with on with jump rings. 

Not only for adults, you can create tonnes of stuff from this waste for kids too. Listed are a few:

6. Shower time float boats and monsters: Bath time for kids often entails splashing around in the water and playing with their favourite bath toys. Skip investing in new bath toys every now and then, create them instead. That way you not only end up saving some money, but also have new toys for them every now and then. A float boat is one such toy, that’d make for a super bath time toy. What’s more, they are super easy to make. Here’s how you could make one.

Alternatively, create shower time play monsters for them. Customise these to your child’s favourite character. For detailed instructions, click here.

  1. Monster pencil holder: Bring out the creative side of you and create a perfect organiser cum for the kids’ pencils. All you need are a few old, different coloured, empty shampoo or oil bottles. Cut them into shape and decorate them for creating your own pencil holder. Detailed DIY instructions are available here.

You can also making bowling pins from old shampoo bottles for kids. Create them to look like little monsters as seen above (just don’t cut out the bottles). Easy as that.

8. Faucet extenders for kids: Young ones always end up finding umpteen ways of getting their hands messy. This little hack of attaching a bottle to the faucet, will help you with their numerous hand washes. Just get in a little table / stool to help that stand to the level of the water tap. Read here to know more about fixing one. 

If you’ve been repurposing shampoo and oil bottles, do share with us some pictures. We for sure won’t be able to look at those shampoo bottles in the same old way again, without thinking of them as Transformers :).

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