Bring Home a Bucket

Save at least 60 liters of untreated water, or 15 liters of drinking water every day

bring home a bucket

In 2012, some Tabloids reported sources saying that Leonardo Di Caprio’s love life was in trouble because as a dedicated environmentalist committed to saving water, he wouldn’t bathe more than twice a week. He apparently didn’t use Deodorant either.  We can’t be sure this is true, but if it is we appreciate Mr. Di Caprio’s commitment to the cause. However, we also know that this isn’t a path you can follow in India. Our mothers wouldn’t tolerate having us around, forget better halves!

The good news is, you don’t have to follow his path to make yourself count. All you have do is take a Bucket Bath only THREE DAYS A WEEK. By doing so, you could easily save 180 liters of untreated water or 45 liters of drinking water every week. For a family of four that equals to 180 bottles of drinking water every week.


Let’s take a minute to understand this.

  • A typical bathtub which is 5 ft in length, and less than 3 feet in breadth can hold about 225 liters of water – so that’s about how much most people use while soaking themselves. But considering a bathtub is a luxury for most of us, and those who have one rarely use it, we aren’t taking this into account.
  • Most of shower instead. An average shower head consumes 10 liters of water every minute. A short 8 minute shower therefore consumes 80 litres.
  • Average buckets used in Indian households can contain between 15 and 20 liters, and you usually need less than a bucket (unless you’re a woman washing her hair that is).

Bathing methods (1)

If you shower once every day, 7 days a week, you will use at least 560 liters of untreated water (or 140 liters of potable water – since only 25% of water filtered through most RO systems is actually consumable. The rest goes to waste and is ideal for mopping, washing your car, watering your plants, or doing dishes.) Multiply that by four people per family on an average, and you’re looking at 2240 liters of untreated water, and 560 bottles of drinking water every week.

If you were to switch to a low flow shower head, and take a shorter shower (say 6 minutes or so), you could cut your daily shower consumption down by nearly 50% – or 40 liters.  However if you were to take a traditional bucket bath, you could cut that down to 1/4, or only 20 liters per person every day.

Use whatever combination you like. Swap showers for buckets entirely, or only on some days.

Do the math. Go buy a bucket today.

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