7 effective hacks for getting rid of weeds naturally

how to remove weeds

They seem to crop up everywhere and getting rid of them seems like a never-ending task. You pull them out and they crop up again, multiplying that too. Yes, weeds aren’t particularly our best friends, or our gardens’ or driveways’ or even sidewalks’ but there are more ways of combating it besides dousing them with chemicals, which does damage to the environment.

Harsh chemicals when sprayed onto the weed, seep into the ground contaminating not just the soil but even water sources, and they are also absorbed by plants, only aggravating the damage to our health and the environment.


Here are some ideas for getting rid of weeds in an eco-friendly manner. These can be time consuming, so get your maali trained on these practices.

  1.  Sprinkle some Baking Soda: You’ve heard about the goodness of Baking Soda from us across our multiple posts and now you can use it to get rid of weed too. All you need to do is sprinkle a handful of it onto the areas of weed growth. Baking soda is essentially Sodium Bicarbonate, and is high in salt. Adding Baking Soda to the soil is like essentially adding salt to the soil and weeds hate salt and die. However, salt isn’t good for your plants you wish to retain too, so be careful when using Baking Soda on them. Make sure to use a spoon to sprinkle on weeds and avoid doing this on a windy day.
  1. Cover it with Newspaper: Weeds, just like other plants, love sunshine and when they don’t get it, they die.  Cover them up with 10-12 sheets of newspaper to kill the light source. Newspaper is biodegradable – just ensure you don’t use the glossy one though. If you still see some strong ones cropping up, layer them with more sheets of newspaper and cover with mulch*.

*Mulch is usually any kind of material which is used to retain moisture in the soil and suppress weeds. Mulch literally comprises of things like dried leaves, barks, straws, hay, kitchen vegetable waste, compost etc. It’s commonly known as ghaspat in Hindi.

3. Cover it with Cardboard: Cover up the area where the weeds seem to be growing with cardboard pieces (make sure they don’t have ink or wax on them as the chemicals from this can damage the soil). Cover it up with soil and water. The cardboard will kill the weed seeds by insulating the ground temperature. Also read our post on how to reuse old Cardboard for other things.

4. Pour some White Vinegar on them: Yes, this one’s another favourite kitchen ingredient of ours that works well not only in cleaning glass and your drain, but also weeds. Take some undiluted regular white vinegar from your kitchen and spray it onto the leaves of weeds. Vinegar is known to burn the weed and thereby keep them from resurfacing. A word of caution, when using Vinegar: it can’t differentiate between good plants and bad, so keep it far from your plants you wish to preserve or they will burn too. You could try covering up the other plants while doing so to avoid any contact with Vinegar. Read our post on Why Vinegar wins, and Apple Cider Vinegar for more ideas on using Vinegar around the house.

5. Boiling water: Much like Vinegar, boiling water can be poured onto weeds to get rid of them. You could even consider using leftover water from boiling potatoes or pasta. Again, like in the case of White Vinegar, do exercise caution when using boiling water, as it will affect the life good plants too. We recommend you use this only for driveways and sidewalks, where there aren’t other good plants.

6. Shower curtains: Have any of those old shower curtains you looking to dispose? Don’t just throw them away and instead use them during your landscaping or around your garden area and cover them with mulch. When using mulch, sprinkle enough so as to cover the entire surface area. This will keep the weeds away as they work in keeping the sunlight and air supply away, thereby killing the weeds.

7. Carpet scraps: Much like shower curtains, carpet scraps from old carpets/rugs work well in keeping weeds from cropping up. Just turn them upside down and put them in different areas and cover with mulch. They will cut down on the oxygen supply and sunlight that the weeds need for growing.

We hope our article inspires you enough to skip the harsh chemical sprays and instead opt for natural ways of combatting weed. Do let us know if you know of any other effective ways of ridding your garden of weed.



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