Fend off an ant attack

Here’s how you can use stuff lying around the house to put up a strong defense

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Note: This article isn’t for the faint hearted. There are ways to remove ants from home and that’s what you should ideally do. However, if things are going from bad to worse, then this article will tell you how to get rid of an ant colony altogether. It’s possible that your issue is big enough that it requires a professional exterminator, but before you get there, try these handy tips!

The first thing you need to do is trace the ants down to the source – the ant-hill. Once you’ve done so:


Hot, boiling water: Pour this down the ant-hill or hole that you find in your house. The water will erode the inside, eliminate, and flush the pesky creatures out.

Soapy water: Collect the water that drains out of your washing machine or in your dish-rinsing basin in the kitchen, and pour this down the ant hill. Start with a full bucket and pour it down bit by bit.

Vinegar: The acid in the vinegar is too strong for ants, and makes the space inhabitable as well. Just pour a bottle of distilled vinegar down the ant-hill. Be careful here though, as vinegar can destroy the surrounding vegetation too. So if you have precious plants near by, you may want to choose a safer option.

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For ants that seem to be crawling out of a wall, spray vinegar at the entrance, and up the crevice if you can, and seal the entrance with ground cinnamon mixed into a paste. That should keep them from coming through. Ant infestations within walls are hard ones to fix yourself, so if they persist, call an exterminator, and insist they use a chemical free product.

We found most this advice on http://www.green24.com/House/ants.php, and checked on other expert sites. This list came up as the most tried and tested and reliable!

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