Chemical free gardening

Maybe not 100%, but here's how you can make a transition to an all natural garden

gardening without pesticides

Reducing our use of chemical laden pesticides is a great step towards protecting the environment. How? At the very least, the plants absorb the chemicals and affect the entire food chain (slowly poisoning animals or insects that live off these plants, and humans if we these are fruits or vegetables we eat), and they also leach into the soil contaminating the water table under the earth. There is probably more harm that they cause, but this is bad enough.

While the government and industries are doing what they can to reduce the use of extensive chemicals in large scale farming, here are some tips on how you can make a difference through the way you manage the green patch in your house. Whether you do it yourself or instruct your maali to do the following, keep these tips top of mind.

  • Give your plants a healthy foundation i.e. healthy soil. Ensure that it is regularly changed or revived compost at the very least
  • Go seasonal. Grow plants that suit the climate and that particular weather so that you or your plants don’t struggle or stress to cope with the changes
  • Get in variety. Certain plants require more of a specific nutrient (like Nitrogen). Planting the same thing each time, in the same place will only mean that the soil will get depleted of one particular nutrient, and you are forced to find a way of making up
  • Save some bugs. Not all insects bring harm to your garden. Before you go bombing them with pesticides, think it through coz the good bugs could end up becoming collateral damage
  • Nip infestations in the bud. Pay attention, and look for potential issues regularly. It’s easier to nip an insect infestation in the bud, than try and get rid of it once it’s already there
  • Try organic / natural repellants. There are over the counter products available, and you can easily make them at home too

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