5 things you can do with egg shells

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Did you know that Eggs are a big source of Calcium? Yes? Ok, we bet you don’t know that the Calcium deposits on the outside – i.e. the egg shell – are greater than what you find inside. In fact, 95 percent of the egg shell is actually Calcium Carbonate. This is one reason that makes egg shells a highly precious kitchen waste. Next time you eat eggs, instead of throwing the shells away, consider doing any of the five following things with them to get the most out of the egg, and to improve your eco-friendly quotient: 

  1. Grow seedlings: I’m an Organic gardener and this time I sowed the Tomato seeds in eggshells. You can basically sow any seed into a leftover egg shell, and this can then be directly transferred to a bigger pot once the seedlings grow to a few inches. You just need to put the eggshell into the ground, and crush it slightly so it goes into the soil, where it will eventually compost naturally.
  2. Create Calcium enriched compost: All plants need Calcium to strengthen their stalk, so if you have even a few in pots, start composting at home, and simply crush eggshells for the garden and add them to the kitchen waste in your Composter. This will ensure you have a good supply of organic, home made manure for you plants, with a booster dose of calcium. If you have a kitchen garden and grow Tomatoes -then even more so – because Tomatoes love Calcium.
  3. Repel bugs and Lizards:
    • Eggshells broken into two can be kept at strategic location such on top of a door frame, and replaced every few days to keep lizards away. It’s a proven method and I know lots of people who use it, but it’s interesting to know that this is more of a psychological method. Lizards too are territorial, and when they see an egg shell the assume another organism has already inhabited the space. If a fierce, aggressive lizard decides to come to your home, this may not work.
    • Pieces of broken egg shells strewn around the garden can help keep intruders with soft bodies like worms, slugs and snails at bay, which may litter or damage plants. They find it tough to walk on the hard shell. This method is more eco-friendly than using chemical sprays.  
  4. Use as Ice lolly or Jelly Moulds: Empty eggshells are awesome as moulds – for jelly, chocolate or even ice-lollys. Just make sure that you clean them properly before you do so because they can get a bacteria build up. A good way to clean egg shells is to fill up some warm water, put some baking soda and vinegar in it, and let the egg shells rest in it for some time. The clean them gently so that they don’t crack.
  5. Use as craft material for kids: When we were kids, I remember my mother used to carefully break the eggs to save the shell and paint them later. The painted eggshells used to adorn our wall mantles for days. You can also make other decorative items out of eggshells like paintings, jewelry. They also make fun egg shell crafts that the children completely love. 

We would love to hear how you put your eggshells to good use.



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