3 must do’s if you love Coffee, and your body

Uses of coffee besides sipping it in a cup

uses of coffee

Whether or not you like Coffee, there’s no escaping it. At least a few of your friends will insist that you meet ‘for Coffee’ to catch up… and not matter how many tea joints crop up, there’ll always be a CCD, Barista or Starbucks right next to it. And why not! It smells delicious, is good for you (in moderation, like everything else), and depending on your taste buds – there’s a type of Coffee for everyone. If you love the smell of Coffee, believe it’s good for you and can’t get enough of it, OR if you don’t but would like to enjoy its benefits in other ways – you should go through this list that we’ve put together.

Three ways to use Coffee

Make an natural exfoliating Coffee Scrub

According to an American Dermatologist Coffee has an acid base which along with a quick exfoliating massage can do wonders for your skin. A good Coffee scrub can help brighten your skin, soften lines and prevent clogging of pores. It can also help get rid of cellulite and fade out stretch marks. Putting together a scrub is relatively simple. We found a few great recipes for you. Coffee and Vanilla, Coffee and Coconut, and Coffee and Cinnamon.


Make a yummy smelling natural Deodorizer

If you’re among the privileged few to have done Whiskey or Wine Tastings, or even tried various perfumes at some stores, you’ll find that you’re offered a whiff of Coffee beans before you switch to your next Wine, Whiskey or Parfum! That’s because ground Coffee (event if it’s used) is a great deodorizer. Here are three ways in which you can use it to deodorize your home and personal belongings. Leave ground Coffee in a cup in your kitchen or bathroom, put some in a gauze (or better still reuse a tissue, airy cotton fabric – cut up an old shirt you’d rather throw out) and place it inside shoes or hard to reach places, or make a Coffee Candle and burn it on special occasions.

Make your own quick, natural coloring agent

Another among the interesting uses of coffee is the coloring agent. We’ve all heard of Coffee being added to Henna packs used by our mothers or another elder in the family to avoid getting stuck with bright Orange hair. Well that’s because Coffee is a strong coloring agent. You can use it as a natural stain to deepen the color of your wooden furniture or accessories, or work as a color booster for Indian hair.

Try these out! Just remember two things – the recipes above use ground Coffee beans (not the instant variety – but the strong South Indian filter Coffee, or ground beans sold in most Coffee Shops.) And, 400 mg is the generally accepted, healthy limit of Caffeine intake per day – not that it matters for the sake of our list above, but if you drink Coffee just be careful!

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