7 reasons why you should stock up on Coconut oil

benefits of coconut oil

Coconuts are the new super-food. And Coconut Oil – the super ingredient.  It’s a great natural replacement for several chemical laced products that we have become dependent on in our daily lives. We’ve put together a list of everyday items that Coconut oil can replace in our homes – 7 good reasons why a bottle of Virgin, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is a must have in every woman’s goodie cabinet. Use these benefits of coconut oil to your advantage.

1.Face and body moisturizers: Coconut oil is absorbed by the skin easily due to its simple chemical structure, thus making it a great moisturizer. It should be your go to for dry or even combination skin since it’s so light. You can combine it with some essential oils and it is ready to play a deodorant, a scrub, and a face wash too. A liberal application on a regular basis can make the skin feel really supple and radiant. Know more.


2.Anti-bacterial skin creams: Coconut oil has great antibacterial properties which can keep away infections in case of minor cuts and abrasions. Prevention of scarring and lightening of marks is another thing that it is known to work on wonderfully when applied regularly. However, a work of caution: Coconut oils may not agree with all skin types and hence please do a patch test prior to using it.

3.Make up remover: Coconut oil is an excellent choice for makeup remover. It’s light, so it gets absorbed by the skin quickly, and is also easy to take off. All you have to do is take some in your palm (if it’s solidified then just rub it between your palms to generate heat so it melts), apply and gently rub it in a circular motion. Then wipe it off with a wet washcloth or cotton cleansing pad. Alternately, put some on a cotton cleansing pad as you would any other make up remover, and gently wipe away. Splash some water on top, and dab to dry. The leftover oil will naturally nourish your skin. This is an ideal option for makeup removal at the end of your day, and works just as well for hard to clean water resistant eye makeup.

4.Expensive salon grade hair conditioners: Another great benefit of coconut oil is, it keeps your hair nourished and frizz free. Combined with other ingredients and essential oils, it can effectively treat hair loss, hair damage, dryness, conditioning, dandruff and split ends too. For example Rosemary oil mixed with coconut oil enhances blood circulation and hence promotes hair growth, Sandalwood oil mixed with coconut oil is used to intensively condition the hair, Tea tree oil mixed with coconut oil is a great remedy for dandruff and so is lemon juice mixed with curd and coconut oil. Learn more here.  

5.Sun Screen Lotion: Coconut oil is known to keep 20% of the sun’s rays away from your skin.  While this does not provide full coverage or protection from harsh sun rays especially if you stay out for longer periods of time, it works well as a screen when you step out for shorter time spans. In addition, it keeps harmful UV rays, but does not create a barrier to Vitamin D, and allows the right amount of UV in to promote healthy skin. Just remember though, Coconut Oil does not have a rated SPF so if you’re someone who burns easily, do test it out before you start using, or consult a doctor. Know more here

6.Antacids:  Coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties that ensure great stomach and gut health, apart from enhanced absorption of essential nutrients. It soothes inflammation in the gut, and also kills microbes providing relief. Remember, this is a long term remedy – just add a teaspoon of Coconut oil to your everyday diet.

7.Osteoporosis meds: Coconut oil is a great for combating osteoporosis, which generally occurs due to hormonal imbalance in menopausal women.. The saturated fat in coconut oil acts as antioxidant to minimize bone loss and maintain bone volume; it also aids the absorption of calcium and magnesium, the two most essential bone nutrients. Know more.

So which type is best?

Buying the oil can be confusing since there are multiple options to choose from. Refined, perfumed, virgin, cold pressed, hydrogenated and wet-mill are a few options. We’re working on a post that will give you more information on how to choose natural oils, but for now what we know that Virgin, Cold Pressed options retain most of the natural goodness of Coconuts, and therefore are ideal.  If you can find an Organic version, then that’s what you should be using.



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