Cleaning with Vodka and 8 other household uses

vodka for cleaning

Vodka may or may not be your favorite drink but we suggest you keep a bottle at home for sure. Made of fermented grains such as corn, rice, wheat, and also potatoes, it’s an excellent natural product that you can use in a lot of interesting ways. Here’s how cleaning with vodka can help solve your household troubles easily.

1. Say bye-bye to bad hair!

  • Get lustrous locks, without the chemicals: A simple head bath can leave behind a fair amount of residue in your scalp like the minerals from the bathing water or the paraben and other chemicals from the shampoo. All this build up leads to frizzy – dull, lifeless looking hair. Use Vodka to free the scalp of this build up and maintain the pH levels in the hair. It also closes the cuticles, helping manage frizz and allowing them to grow at a faster rate.
  • Get rid of the dandruff: Regular use of Vodka to rinse hair is also known to keep the scalp dandruff free. Here’s the best way to use it: mix 2 teaspoons of Rosemary leaves with half a cup of neat Vodka and let the mixture sit for 2 to 3 days. Strain the mixture and apply to your hair. Wash the mixture off with a mild shampoo.
  • For more hair care solutions using vodka, you can look up here.

2. Don’t pay more for Oral care: 

  • Wash those germs away: Vodka is known for its antibacterial properties, thereby making it an effective germ killer! To make a mouthwash using Vodka, take 1:1 of water and Vodka and add Clove or Cinnamon sticks to it and leave it to sit for a couple of weeks. Alternatively add some mint oil. Perfect for rinsing and also for drinking :). 
  • Fight the toothache: Not only does Vodka kill bacteria, it also helps in numbing gum pain when absorbed. So the next time you have a toothache, just dab some Vodka onto a cotton ball and put it on the affected area for effective pain relief (this does not replace a visit to the dentist, and is only a stop-gap measure during emergencies). 

3. Vodka skin care: 

  • Replace your astringent: Vodka cleans and tightens pores, to keep acne and pimples away. Mix equal amount of Vodka and water together, soak in a cotton ball and apply it on your face.

4. Never run out of hand sanitizer: 

  • Keep a little spray bottle in your bag: Pour some Vodka in a small spray bottle and mist your hands generously to sanitize when needed. Vodka, a natural enemy of bacteria, will ensure your hands are germs free.

5. Vodka for cleaning:

  • Clean the air: Vodka has ethyl alcohol (the ingredient used in chemical air fresheners) that kills odour-causing bacteria. Just spray some diluted or undiluted vodka (depends on the odour level) in a room.  If you’d like a mild fragrance to linger, then and an essential oil to it. Here’s a mix you can make at home.
  • Save on your dry cleaner bill: Spray some of it on clothes while concentrating more on areas that are smelly. Leave them to dry. The vodka in them will evaporate and leave the clothes odourless. A perfect solution for the monsoon season – when clothes don’t dry and musty smells linger.
  • Get rid of shoe stink:  Spray some Vodka on the inside of shoes to keep them from smelling. You could also dip your feet in Vodka, diluted with water. Need some fragrance, add your favorite essential oil to it.

6. Get squeaky clean:

  • Get an all purpose cleaner: Vodka is a brilliant cleaning and disinfecting agent. Use Vodka for cleaning windows, computer screens and even your eyeglasses. Unlike water, it doesn’t leave any residue, giving you a streak-free finish.
  • Disinfect: Use on kitchen counter-tops, your vegetable chopping board, or even in the corners of your bathroom. Not only will it clean, it will also disinfect (fyi – it can also be used to disinfect your razor and increase its shelf life).
  • Cut grease with ease: When greasy dishes have to be washed, just add a few drops of Vodka to the dish and rinse. This will help get rid of the grease more easily.

7. Keep flowers in bloom:

  • Pour some in your vase: Make a concoction of Vodka and Sugar (2:1) and pour it in your vase (with flowers in it). Vodka stunts ethylene production from plants and thereby delays the maturing process. Sugar on the other hand, provides nutrients that helps plants last longer. 

8. Solve Sticky Problems:

  • Get things off easily: Whether it’s Band-Aid or a label off a bottle you’d like to reuse, just pour a few drops of Vodka on it. It works well as a solvent for removing stickies.

So get yourself a cheap bottle of vodka (please don’t waste your expensive labels) and start trying. It’ll definitely reduce your use of toxic chemicals in the house, and also protect the environment!


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