5 ways of reusing plastic bags in the kitchen

You can't get rid of them, so the next best thing is to reuse them. Here's how...


Here are five ways in which you can reuse plastic bags in the kitchen!

  1. Keep food fresh – Instead of using cling wrap film or aluminum foil both of which are bad for the environment, wash used plastic bags and use these to cover food that is stored in the refrigerator
  2. Keep things air-tight: Small pieces of plastic can also be used to make glass jars air-tight. Just place them between the lid and the jar mouth, and screw / put the lid on. Use them to line the small bins in your bedroom, bathroom or office. If the contents aren’t too wet, empty them into a bigger bag when full, leaving the same smaller bag in the bin to be reused again.
  3. Pack food items: Pack liquids in plastic bags and tie them up tight. It’s a great way of packing liquids for travel. Just remember to never heat anything while its still in the bag (microwave). Plastics let out some serious toxics when heated.
  4. Plug leaky garbage bins: Line old or cracked garbage bins that may be leaking, with some plastic bags, seal them in with tape. You won’t need to buy another bin for years!
  5. Protect your wooden shelves: Line wooden cupboards first with plastic, and then a sheet of paper on top. The plastic will provide an additional layer of protection especially if you’re using real wood, and want to extend its shelf life!

Add to the list! Let us know if you have any other ideas!


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