Want to eat Organic veggies? Ditch these 5 habits first!

organic vegetables

Organic food is good for everyone concerned! Those who eat them, the farmers who grow Organic crop, the soil that nurtures it, and the ecosystem. Everyone benefits from the fact that it is Chemical free. It would therefore make sense that eating Organic becomes a way of life for everyone on this planet!

If you’re someone who’s wants to enjoy the benefits of Organic food, here are five habits that you should watch out for. Ditch these as soon as you can – so that you can start your journey to well-being!


Habit # 1: Judging a book by its cover!

Our markets are flooded with gorgeous looking produce. Even, brightly colored, well ripened and shaped fruits and vegetables. Our natural reaction is to opt for these products when we walk into a super-market. Almost all of them however are artificially, and chemically ripened. Organic fruits on the other hand, are rarely pretty. In fact, very often they require further ripening after you’ve brought them home. Don’t focus on how the product looks on the outside – focus on the quality of the fruit inside.

Habit # 2: Jumping queues

Organic produce is preservative free, and therefore needs to be sold at the right time. This is why you’ll also find smaller quantities of produce in different places, and need to visit specialist bazaars. Often, you’ll have to place and order, and wait for delivery. To go the Organic way, at least in 2016, you need to slow down, and learn to wait.

Habit # 3: Loving all things ‘phoren’

One thing ‘from phoren’ is better than 10 things from India – that’s our general belief. Unfortunately, in the case of Organic produce (fruits and veggies in particular – not dry goods like grain and pulses) local is always better. Because it is preservative free, it cannot withstand the time taken in transcontinental transportation. To go truly Organic, you also need to value ‘local.’

Habit # 4: Constantly wondering – ‘Kitna deti hai’  

We want to see immediate, tangible value for the money we spend. Organic foods are currently more expensive than factory farmed produce that we have traditionally been used to. And as a value conscious consumers, if we pay a premium for something, we need to see the difference clearly. Unless you suffer from a serious Toxin related ailment, it is unlikely that you will see any real benefits immediately. Over the mid to long term you could feel healthier, fitter and find yourself falling less sick, BUT, these are not guaranteed since our bodies are exposed to so much more toxin besides what we eat. Like all good habits that don’t necessarily show every day results, you’ve got to do the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do!

Habit # 5: Shopping on impulse – all the time!

Organic foods aren’t easily available yet, and take some effort to find. In addition, they’re usually sold by manufacturers who cannot compete with the large multinationals in terms of promotion and distribution. So unless you plan ahead, it’s likely that you’ll end up buying factory farmed products. The way to break this habit, is to start planning ahead, and make a conscious decision to go Organic, and evolve your shopping habits accordingly.

If you want to go Organic, you’ve got to first recognize if any of the above describes you, be ready to challenge them.

Get ready to move out of your comfort zone!

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