Manage your waste and become a super-hero!

You can be a super hero too!

You can save earth!

Solid Waste Management is all about how you manage your everyday rubbish or garbage. And there are three ways to manage it, really. Recycle, re-use or up-cycle.

In this post, we tell you why you should do so. Why is managing your garbage properly so important, and how by doing so you can be a super-hero!

  1. You will protect children and the elderly. Rising pollution levels is debilitating and taking lives across cities. And pollution is directly related to levels of waste. How? Well,  one way of getting rid of waste is to burn it. The more you burn, the more smoke and other pollutants are added to the air we breathe.
  2. You will help your city cool down: Landfills is the other way in which waste is managed or disposed. Landfills produce high levels of methane gas, which is 23 times stronger than CO2 when it comes to trapping heat. Less solid waste means less methane and therefore a reduction in trapped heat!
  3. You will help reduce natural disasters: Yes – it’s true! Global warming is the main cause of the rapid increase in natural disasters across the world. Again, landfills are a big contributor to global warming (read point # 2 again).
  4. You will make your city look pretty: Waste on the roads and in landfills is a big eyesore. Imagine if our beautiful houses could be in localities that are filth free!
  5. You will save the earth: The first three points are deeply connected to the conserving our planet for future generations. What you do in your kitchen, does really make a difference!

Bonus points for mom’s:

  1. You will spend less: If you have kids, you’re probably spending a lot on their craft supplies. Every day waste like papers, packaging, broken household items are great free craft supplies for kids. Composting your kitchen waste can help you save money on manure for your garden or the pots in your balcony. Reusing plastic bottles of Colin by creating your own organic glass cleaner will save you up to Rs. 1000 a year at least (better spent at H&M!).
  2. Your kids will love you even more: You could make your kids into heroes at school! All schools today actively promote environment protection among children. Kids who are involved and bring things made from recycled items to school are lauded and loved! By helping them do one thing a week – you help them become heroes, and in turn become their hero!

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