Inside indoor pollution

Here's a quick primer, so you know what you're really battling

Photo credit: mason bryant via / CC BY-SA

There are a lot of articles out there today (including one on this site) which list plants that you can use to address pollution within homes. For added information we thought it might help to put together a quick list of the main indoor pollutants, where they come from and how they effect you.

According to a NASA report which was published in 1989 but still remains a point of reference globally, there are 5 key toxins found inside homes that are loosely grouped as ‘indoor pollutants’. These are released from every day products and processes that we undertake at home such as cleaning, heating food and painting etc.


Remember, most of the time the amount of toxin released is very little, so it will not cause harm on a day to day basis. However, sustained exposure to multiple toxins, especially in strong doses (such as while your house is being renovated etc.) can be a problem. This is not an exhaustive list, and is indicative of some key symptoms that can be attributed to these toxins.


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