7 ideas for an eco-friendly date

Green Dating Tips

Looking for something off-beat to do with your loved one? Here are some eco-friendly date ideas, that will make the time you spend together special and memorable, and let you do your bit for the environment.

1. Check out Organic Bazaars: If you guys love shopping, and spend your day at the mall when out – try out the new Organic Bazaars or local farmer’s market to get a different shopping experience. These markets offer an exotic collection of fruits and veggies, promise the best produce, and have other interesting eco-friendly, and non toxic products on offer (clothes and personal care).  


2. Keep your meal meat free: Whether you’re eating Indian or Italian or a more exotic Somalian meal, go meat free. Production and consumption of meat, at every stage, takes up more energy than vegetarian food. Even if you’re a die-hard meat eater, an occasional vegetarian meal can be quite refreshing – including vegetarian Sushi which tastes really good!

3. Get active: Do things together that involve the outdoors. You’ll feel healthier, spend some quality time alone, and limit your use of precious resources such as electricity, and water.  You could go biking or hiking – hire a bicycle if you don’t have one and set out on an expedition. It’s one of the fun and interesting eco-friendly date ideas that you can enjoy just about any day. Most major cities in India still have access to natural scenic places an hour or two away. Plan a day date, with a hike. You could opt for a planned hike or something impromptu by yourself!

4. Plan a zero waste picnic:

    • Pack some nice home made food (instead of off the shelf packaged items), in a pretty cane basket or eco-friendly canvas picnic bag.
    • Avoid using cling film or aluminium foil to wrap things up, use newspaper, reusable tin boxes or even plastic boxes that you have lying around.
    • Take your own water or drinkables in bottles from home, instead of buying a bottle of water every time you’re thirsty, and if want to drink a coke, opt for glass bottles instead of the 500 ml PET bottles.
    • Take your own crockery and cutlery instead of disposable plastic or Styrofoam. If you must take disposables, then choose those made of eco-friendly materials that are now readily available in most major stores.
    • Only pack what you will consume.

5. Take a pottery or dance class together: Both of these activities have a very low carbon footprint, and creative process will help you discover each other better, and have a different kind of fun on your eco-friendly date. It’ll also teach you something fun to do together, besides sitting at a bar or watching a movie.

6. Dine in, instead of taking out: Eat at home, or in a restaurant. Avoid take out. Take away foods produce tremendous waste. When choosing restaurants, select ‘Slow Food’ options over Fast Food.  

7. Buy an eco-friendly gift: If you’re thinking of taking a present, go for eco-friendly options. Choose products that are made of non-toxic raw materials, easily renewable resources, and are long lasting. For example if you want to gift clothing, then choose the simple luxury of Organic cotton clothing. It will be a unique gift, and help you do your bit for the environment :-) Finally, pack the gift in old newspaper, tie it up with some string, and spray your perfume or cologne on it for a personal touch.

Do try these eco-friendly date ideas out – and let us know if you have any others :)




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