Eco-friendly DIY gifts for Mother’s Day!

mothers day gift ideas

It’s always a difficult task to find a fitting gift for mothers. Nothing says you care more than a gift that’s a labour of love. We’ve put together some gift ideas that are easy to do yourself, and also protect the environment.

  • Personalised Lip Balm: Skip investing in one and make your own bespoke chemical free lip balm for your mum, with a flavour that she’d love. Here’s how.
  • Relaxing Body Scrub: How about giving her something that would relax her. Here’s a simple DIY recipe of a body scrub. Help her pamper herself.
  • Crayon Charm: Make her a pretty charm for her room from old half broken crayons. Not only does it look pretty, it’s definitely a good reminder of your presence. Here’s the link to know more.

  • A Memory Jar: What better way to express your gratitude and love than a memory jar, which takes her down the memory lane. Read our post on 52 memories in a jar to know more.52_Things_A_Year_In_A_Jar
  • Pretty Knick-Knack Keeper: Make her a pretty knick-knack keeper from an old face cream jar. Read here to know more.

  • Accessory Holder: An old kitchen paper towel holder can be transformed into a pretty accessory holder. Paint it and personalise it, to make it a perfect gift.

  • Earring Holder: Help her never worry about losing an earring again, by creating a pretty earring organiser for her from an old cheese grater. Find instructions here.

While you do any of the above, don’t forget to read our post on interesting eco-friendly gift-wrapping ideas. It will help complete the look. Happy Gifting!


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