How to host a green event

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Whether you are planning to host a small party with a few close friends or thinking big, you can make it a fun, festive affair without harming the environment. A green event is one that has smaller carbon footprint than others, and includes green practices such as the use of eco-friendly products, recycling and responsible waste management.  Putting green event together is also quite simple. Here are some ideas to treat your guests to a delightful eco-friendly experience that may even encourage them to hold their own.

1. Plan it right

Investing time in a guest list is a good idea, with a clear idea of preferences and limitations. You should know how many people are vegetarian and how many are not, and who drinks and doesn’t. You can use this to avoid food waste which you may not even realize, creates a huge impact on the environment. In fact, knowing the number of people who will attend your event is essential to cut back on all sorts of waste – whether it’s leftovers, paper waste, or energy waste.


2. Location matters

If your party is at an external location, book a venue with good connectivity and public transport, and encourage people to travel together. If you can invest the time in research, talk to the venue administration to understand a little more about their food preparation, what kind of energy they use (solar, bio-gas), and whether they have a recycling facility or tie up for waste food distribution.

3. Send e-invites

If you are thinking of sending out beautifully printed invites, your event may not be so green. To save the waste paper invitations create, why not send invites by email instead? With websites such as Evite and Pingg, creating a snazzy online invitation is quick and easy.

4. Raise a toast with Organic food

Use a local company for catering, and ideally one that also uses fresh, local produce. Avoid packaged fast foods, or dishes made from imported ingredients that have spent hours on a plane to get to where you are. You can also make your menu more green by opting for Organic food. Organic food is not only good for your health, it’s good for the planet too. If you’d like to go the whole way, go for a meat free menu! What makes Organic food good for you?

5. Opt for eco-friendly disposables (if at all!)

Only use reusable crockery and cutlery since it speaks volumes about your style. If the post event washing up and stacking away is too much of a chore and you need disposables, use eco-friendly disposable serve ware and cutlery. Stay away from cheap plastic or thermocol – cups, plates and cutlery, and if you must use paper then buy the non shiny ones (that don’t have a silver foil on top or the bottom).  These materials do not biodegrade and will remain in a land fill for hundreds of years after your party is over! Eco friendly disposables are available at most major stores now, and you can also check them out here: list of eco-friendly serve ware.

6. Decorate responsibly

Instead of stocking up on one-time use decorations made from plastic, it’s time to think green. Look for eco-friendly décor products or use candles, flowers, plants, and leaves, which is a great way to create an elegant ambience and add a dash of color to your event. You can also easily make your own with these 3 DIY decor ideas!

7. Skip the theme

Themes look good, but all those theme-based banners, decorations, and disposable tableware are thrown away after the event is over and they end up in the landfill. The only theme you and your guests should follow is to create less waste, that is, the “Do Green” theme.

8. Share the waste

Every party has food left over. One way of planning a zero waste party is to be prepared to give food away. Make sure your guests take some food away, and donate the food waste to the right organizations (speak to them in advance and have them come by to pick it up!). Find more ideas on 8 ways to reduce food waste.

9. Choose eco-friendly favors:

Want to give your guests something memorable to take home? Gift them a sapling that they can nurture and grow, or check out these simple eco-friendly gifts.

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