This holi, make your own colors!

Holi colors are notorious for including chemicals and being unsafe for the skin. While you now do get lots of products that are labelled natural, it’s hard to be always sure. The best thing to do, is to make your own! And it isn’t very hard either.

Here’s a quick list of easily available natural ingredients that can help replace the chemical laden options. Of course, if you want to go all the way, choose the Organic varieties.


How to Make your Own Organic Colors

  1. Beetroot (Magenta): Dry and crush in blender and mix with flour for a dry powder, and boil in water for a wet mix
  2. Turmeric (Deep Yellow): Mix in flour or boil in water
  3. Pomegranate (Magenta): Boil the peel in water
  4. Henna (Green and Orange): Mix with flour for Green, and boil in water for Orange
  5. Marigold flowers (Deep Orange): Dry in the sun for a couple of days and crush in a blender, or boil in water
  6. Green leafy veggies (Green): Dry in the sun for a couple of days and crush in a blender, or boil with water and blend
  7. Jamun (Purple): Crush between your fingers to apply, and boil in water
  8. Red sandalwood powder (Red and Pink): Mix in flour for Red, and with water for Pink

If you want to know more, check out this link.

Have a happy, and safe Holi!


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