10 cool things to make from old neckties

repurpose old neckties

All of us have old neckties lying around the house – memories of times gone by, or just gifts you can’t bear seeing yourself in. If you’re in the mood to upcycle neckties and put old stuff to good use, this is a good place to start!

Here is a list of all the fun things you can make using a tie!

  1. Scarf: Neckties come in stunning prints, and if you have 8 of these, then you can transform them into even prettier scarves. Since this project would involve patching parts from different ties together, choose colours that would compliment most clothes in your wardrobe. For instructions, click here.

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2. Headband: There’s always a dearth of fun headbands and more often than not you end up settling for the ones you get at the stores. However, if you’ve got a gorgeous old tie lying around (one with pretty small motifs) and some basic supplies (read elastic, scissor and needle thread/sewing machine), then you can fix yourself a stunning piece of headwear. Here’s how. When adding the embellishments, you can consider using an old brooch/button too.

3. Bag hand sleeve and luggage tag: If travelling is your thing, then you have to try and make one of these for yourself. In a market flooded with bag tags, you’d still have the most unique ones. You’d need all of one tie for this and some basic other supplies. You can find the details and instructions here.

4. Shoulder sling bag: If you’ve ever wondered how to own those ties, here’s a cool way to do so. You need 6 fun ties for this. Follow these instructions and do make sure to choose your favourite lot.

5. Phone sleeve wristlet: If your idea of stepping out to the movies or for a lunch is just with your phone and a little bit of cash, then this is a must have for you. This phone pouch wristlet can be easily strapped on to your wrist and carried along. Here’s how you can fix one with just repurposing old neckties.

Image Courtesy: https://snapguide.com/guides/make-a-three-pocket-pouch-out-of-a-mens-tie/

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6. Waist belt: Create yourself a fashion statement from an old tie. All you need are some basic things like an old tie, a buckle from an old belt, some sewing accessories and that’s it. This easy to fix accessory can sure be a head turner. Click here for instructions.

7. Eyeglass/sunglasses sleeve: Now look no further for the perfect sunnies/eyeglasses case. Create one for yourself from an old tie and with some basic sewing skills. The soft casing from the ties ensures the glasses remain scratch free. For instructions, click here.

8. Zip pouch: Tackle that loose change easily by keeping them all tucked away in a zip pouch made from an old tie. An uber simple project when it comes to executing (read instructions here), it also makes for a great gift.

9. Fancy flower brooch: Fond of brooches? Make yourself a pretty flower brooch by following these instructions. These statement pieces, not only look cool, but the fact that they are made from old abandoned ties just makes them cooler and a great conversation starter. If you are bold enough to carry a rather large sized brooch, you could look up references of it here.

10. Bracelet: A statement piece again, bracelets from ties not only create great head turners, they are also super easy to fix. Choose a happy bright coloured tie for this project and then click here for instructions.

We hope you found our post beneficial. If you know of any other ways of upcycling ties, please do share them with us. We’d love to know.

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