3 fluids from the fridge that work wonders on stains

I have a 7 and an 11 year old, and stains on clothes are a part of my life.
I found three things that work really well… !
  • Vodka – Sounds surprising but it does work! Just soak a clean cloth with a little bit of Vodka and dab it on the stain. Works like magic. Vodka is also a great disinfectant … you can make your own home made disinfectant by mixing 1/2 cup Vodka, with 1/2 cup white vinegar and 1 and 1/2 cup of water. Add some essential oils like Lavendar or Orange to make it smell nice too!
  • Milk – It works for both Sketch and Ball pen marks. Again, you dip the stained area in a little bit of milk, and leave it on. Just make sure you do it quickly, because the older stains are hard to remove. In fact, I would suggest you teach your kids to do it, because very often when this happens, you may not be around. I also used Milk once to clean my daughter’s tongue after she put a Sketch Pen in her mouth and it ended up blue on the inside! Just used a clean cloth soaked in milk to wipe it down and it worked.
  • Soda – works wonders for all types of stains, and specifically well if you’re at a party and drop food on your expensive clothes. If that happens, just pick a bottle of soda up from the kitchen or the bar, and pour it on to the stain. Your party will be stress free after that. I’ve tried this several times, and it always works. In fact, it works on carpets, curtains, sofa’s everything – and can be used to get rid of Red Wine stains too.
 Hope you find this useful!

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