Bamboo clothing, the new luxury

For most city dwelling Indians bamboo is about tradition, culture and craft. We’ve always found home decor, gifts, personal effects and furniture at the various state craft fairs or ‘haats’, but more recently and in line with global trends, other creative products and uses have started emerging . If you’re a maker, Pinterest gives you tons of ideas on what you can do with Bamboo that’s stylish and practical, and for consumers, websites are now selling some interesting products like this fabulous iPad stand that we saw on Hopscotch. There’s also children’s clothing and bed linen made of Bamboo fibers, and lots of kitchen ware available on major shopping sites.

Here are five reasons why you should be thinking about buying a Bamboo product:

  1. Bamboo fibre based clothing is soft, breathable and extremely comfortable. It’s perfect for India with its extreme weather conditions, whether you’re wearing something light and breathable for the summer, or something warm but thin to layer yourself with in the winter. looks good.
  2. Bed Linen made of Bamboo feels soft and luxurious. Rachna Kochhar the Co-Founder of Tesoro and a Delhi based mom used them while she was traveling internationally and vouches for this.
  3. Bamboo bark is tough: Although it’s a grass, Bamboo is one of the hardest ‘wood’ like materials available, and thus it works really well for furnishing and decor.
  4. It’s Chemical free: Bamboo has inherent anti-microbial properties which make it easy to grow, and requires little or no chemicals compared to other plants. However, you need to proceed with caution here. There are several products out there that claim to utilize the anti-microbial properties of Bamboo (such as anti-fungal socks) – but we’ve seen published research that debunks this myth stating that the processing of Bamboo required to create these products rips it of its anti-microbial properties. The US government has apparently sued companies that sell products selling this aspect.
  5. Eco-Friendly: Bamboo achieves full maturity in about 4 years, and there are varieties available that does the same in less than one. Most other varieties of wood take many more years (anywhere between 20 to 120).  Because it replenishes so quickly it falls in the category of highly renewable natural resources, providing with all the other benefits of a green cover. And its anti-microbial properties means that it doesn’t cause chemical leaching.

We’ve seen lots of interesting Bamboo based home decor products that are good to look at and also friendly on the pocket. Clothing on the other hand, is not so easily available and can be see in stores selling Organic clothing, and can be slightly expensive. But like it with everything else, as demand goes up, so will its supply and prices will go down.

Go for it. Try a Bamboo based product today!


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