Eco-friendly photo frame, and other cool shoe box DIYs

eco friendly photo frame

The great thing about shoes – besides the fact that they protect our feet and add to our style quotient – is that they come in sturdy packaging. In fact, the more expensive the shoe, the stronger and long lasting the packaging! And what’s so great about that? It’s a re-cycler and up cycler’s delight :) There are tonnes of things you can do with shoe boxes, and they are particularly awesome as organizers.  We found three great DIY’s on some useful things you can make with shoe boxes, including an eco friendly photo frame, and a drawer organizer. Each of these eco-friendly ideas are pretty simple to execute too. You can do them in your spare time, or get your kids to make it with you for their next ‘kabaad se jugaad’ event :)

Eco Friendly Picture Frame from a shoe box: All you need is some fabric or wrapping paper of your choice, Fevicol glue and a  paper cutter, and you’re set!


Drawer vanity: We all struggle with drawers – make up, underwear, bed side, study table … things that go into drawers become harder to find as time progresses. Here’s one simple way of keeping it neat and organized, and basically looking good! All you need for this are a pair of strong scissors, some glue (normal for paper or fabric glue) depending on what you use, paper or fabric of your choice, and a hot glue gun (to get things really glued on). If you don’t have one already, this is perhaps the only expensive item you’ll have to buy (somewhere between Rs. 250-Rs.500) but if you’re interested in crafting and up cycling this is a good investment to make.

Shoebox Caddy: You can also make a nifty Caddy that sits on your desk or in your kitchen, and holds everything from pens and paper, to forks and spoons. The supplies remain the same as described for the videos above.

And finally, if you have more shoe boxes and want to have some fun, here are 25 additional ideas on creative uses for a shoe box!

Up cycling packaging material that comes with things you buy, is a great way of off setting your carbon footprint. So while we’re not saying you splurge on the next shoe sale you come across, feel less guilty by making the packaging count for more!

Let us know if you’ve created something really cool with packaging material! We’d love to showcase it.. :)

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