10 Eco friendly gift-wrapping options

eco friendly gift wrapping

Unveiling gift-wraps can be as exciting as getting the gift itself. So we decided to bring you some ways to make uber cool gift-wraps but from waste. This way, you don’t end up spending money on expensive – to be used only once gift-wrapping, but you also save paper, trees and the planet – all this while making a statement ☺.

So here are 10 waste items that can be used to wrap gifts.

  1. Road Maps: Road maps or world maps make for pretty cool gift-wraps. If you plan to wrap a gift for your partner with this, you could even highlight the countries you plan to travel to together. To finish it off, use an old button and string, instead of the usual bow. 


  2. Magazine pages: Pages from the magazine can be chosen and used to gift-wrap. Choose pages that display striking fashion for a fashionista, for instance.


  3. Game boards on small cardboard boxes: Find yourself an old cardboard box to fit your gift in. Then glue on game boards on these to give an interesting twist to your gift-wrap. 

  4. Comic books: If you’ve got a comic lover, then you know how to gift wrap for them, it’s as simple as covering it up with old comic book sheets. To make it more fun, consider adding gift tags with comic sounds of ‘Boom, Wham’ etc.


  5. Interactive gift-wrapping paper: This one’s to keep the excitement going with kids. Wrap the gift in plain paper and add on crayons or stick a car on a track, as an added prezzie. 


  6. Duct Tape gift-wrap: Using duct tape; create a pretty bow on a basic brown paper gift-wrap. Read here for instructions.


  7. Stamping: Create your own stamp from an old eraser or an old sponge and get stamping on a brown paper. Finish off the wrapping with a pretty string or a ribbon.


  8. Artwork by children: Nothing would work better for the family than getting gifts wrapped in artworks done by the children. Either choose from an existing artwork or get them to draw a new one. Wrap the gift and skip the scotch tape. Instead, use strings to tie the gift up. 


  9. Fabric wraps through Furushiki: This Japanese style of gift-wrapping has been used a lot for years. Choose a pretty piece of fabric – waste/ even a small scarf/ bandana and follow the instructions to get a beautiful furushiki wrap. 


  10. Shirt wrap with a broach: If your gift entails a shirt as well, use it for wrapping up the other gift. Just tuck the gift in and tie the hands to secure it within.

We hope these ideas interest you enough to try your own gift-wraps. In addition to the above mentioned, you can always use the good old newspaper to wrap the gift and use natural, leaves, flowers etc. for decorating it. So go on and bring forth your creative side.

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