Eco Friendly Gifting – 6 stylish Bamboo goodies!

Unique bamboo gifts that are a must try


Next time you’re looking for a gift, consider the ideas given below. What makes Bamboo super special is that it hardy, has a nice color, and grows very quickly. It is one of the fastest replenishing natural resources we have, and therefore extremely eco-friendly.

We looked through the options easily available in India, and have picked a few that we think make personal and unique bamboo gifts. These products are available online on major shopping sites, and can be bought with a simple click.


Take a look!

1.Bamboo Toothbrush: You could break a few twigs from your local Neem tree, or you could try these. Unique, inexpensive,  and perfect as a surprise gift when there’s no real occasion. As a couple you can make a pledge to protecting the environment by buying two together, and make a vow as you brush together! :)

2. iPhone, iPad, iWatch charging station: For the ones who love their devices, and would like to get organized, this unique bamboo gift is just the thing. Slightly expensive, but but perfect for a special occasion.

3: iPad Stand: A perfect housewarming gift. It looks good and is very useful especially in the kitchen. If your friend or your mom go by recipes and cooking videos, this handy stand will allow them to walk around the kitchen, work hands free, and easily zoom in on recipes or view videos while they cook!

4. Bamboo Keyboard: Looks chic, and goes with a modern minimalist or traditional Oak or Mahogany study. This picture is of a wireless keyboard which works with batteries, and there are tons of other options available too. It’s an unique bamboo gift that any gadget lover will fall in love with.

5. Laundry Basket: Another housewarming idea. It adds a classy look to any bathroom.

6. Bamboo Phone Cover: Available for most devices, with a choice of designs. Just be careful, you’re likely to find options that say ‘Bamboo texture’. This does mean that the product is made of Bamboo wood. It’s made of PVC but meant to feel like Bamboo. Go for products that mention made of Bamboo Wood.

Most of these products are in the same range as their metal, plastic or acrylic counterparts. Some are slightly more expensive, but the good news is that there are quite a few options available today. Wrap them up beautifully in some newspaper, recycled paper, or even normal wrapping sheets if you like (just make sure they aren’t the shiny ones that are loaded with plastic) and cut your carbon footprint in a small, meaningful way. It’s one of the simplest ways to go eco-friendly!

Happy gifting!

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Word of caution: Sellers on e-commerce sites often import products from different countries, and its hard to always ascertain the authenticity of the product. As positive thinkers, we’d like to believe that such cases are an aberration and not the norm, but we do advise you to carefully review your selection before purchasing.

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