5 simple ways to save fuel

According to a research conducted in Indore two years ago, idling of cars at the 7 major traffic lights in the city in itself, leads to fuel wastage to the tune of 1.2 lac liters per year (approximately).

Imagine the numbers for any of the major metros! And let’s not even think about the pollution. We breathe it every day.


The fuel efficiency of your is influenced by many things (regular maintenance, parts etc.). In the case above, turning off your engine at a traffic light is a smarter thing to do. It uses less fuel.

That said, how you drive is also a major factor. Aggressive driving leads to excessive revving and braking. Both of which lead to fuel waste, and of course add to pollution.

So the next time you get behind the wheel, or in the backseat (with your driver) – just make these simple changes to reduce your carbon footprint:

  1. Start your journey early – being in a hurry creates fuel hungry driving behaviors – such as excessive braking, idling at traffic lights, revving up the engine faster than needed etc.
  2. Create an easy listening playlist – high tempo music encourages faster and more aggressive driving, and thus excessive braking, idling and restarting.
  3. Let others overtake you – especially if you are a leisurely or slow driver. Stay in the extreme left lane so others can pass you by easily, rather than have fast moving cars brake as they approach you each time.
  4. Ease into a stop – anticipate a stop sign, traffic light or turn and ease into the right speed, rather than braking with a jerk at the end.
  5. Give other cars some space – the more space there is between your car and the one ahead of you, the less you’re likely to brake hard or accelerate too fast.

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