A review of PCRA’s ‘Fuel Saving Tips’ app

fuel saving tips app

If you are on the lookout for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, then this post is for you.

In one of our first’s, our post today features an application by the PCRA i.e. Petroleum Conservation Research Association labelled as ‘Fuel Saving Tips’.


A quick look at the app and you realise it’s not only easy to use but also provides simple tips that can be effortlessly implemented. The 3 key things the app offers:

  1. Fuel calculator: A feature we think is uber cool. Feed in the details in the relevant area and you’d know how much fuel/ energy you’d end up conserving if you’d follow one or more of their tips.
  2. Tips: Tips here are provided for helping conserve fuel and energy in four key areas
    1. Domestic – how to use the LPG smartly and efficiently
    2. Transportation – how to conserve petrol/diesel by looking tending to the vehicle health
    3. Agriculture – looking after tractor health to conserve diesel
    4. Industrial – with tips on conservation of energy in thermal and electrical spaces with regards to boilers, furnaces, refrigeration and air conditioning among others.
  3. Visual Tips: This one does the job of egging one to try and follow the tips through visual aid. If you’d like to encourage someone you could even share these.

Some of the tips you find here:

  1. Driving at any speed beyond 60km/h tends to lead to fuel wastage and reduced mileage. Driving between a speed of 45-55km/h is known to increase the mileage in Indian cars by 40% as per the app.
  2. In the domestic area, the app provides handy tips to homemakers on how to avoid wastage of gas while cooking. This by providing interesting nuggets and tips like cooking with optimum amount of water saves fuel and the importance of a clean burner, among others.
  3. To add to this, there’re trips on how to keep the tractor health in check in the agriculture space and tips on conserving fuel in Electrical and Thermal areas in the industrial arena.

Overall, we think the tips provided are interesting to read and have definitely motivated us to implement the relevant ones in our day-to-day life. If the tips don’t succeed in encouraging you enough (which we think they would), the fuel saving calculator is a good motivator.

If you’re all geared to try the application, then download it for your android phone here. If you’ve tried the app already, do share your feedback with us. We personally are quite excited to try it and think it’s a fantastic initiative for starters.

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