Stop dreaming about an iPhone 6. Go get it

Follow the 5 fuel saving tips given below, and you can save enough cash

The easiest way to get that glitzy iPhone 6 is to find a reason for your better half to gift it! But let’s say you’d rather not (for whatever reason), here’s an easy way to make it yours, all by yourself!

We’ve put together 5 fuel saving tips that add up to enough savings each month. To keep things simple, let’s assume your fuel spends are  Rs. 6000 per month:


Tip 1:  Leave some space, and put the lid on tight.

Researchers say that cars run well on regular fuel, you should just remember not to fill up to the brim, and the cap should be fixed tightly back again. If you do this, guess what? You save up to 20% every time. Trouble with percentages? That’s Rs. 600 in your pocket – or a new shade of your favorite, expensive lipstick.

Tip 2: Take it easy.

The faster you go, the more wind resistance your vehicle will face, and if you travel at speeds above 60 Km/H, you will waste petrol. Tests on Indian cars prove that you can get up to 40% extra mileage at 45-55 Km/H as against 80 Km/H, but letting a Riksha go past you could be a blow to your driving ego, so how about driving at 65? Instead of 40% you’d maybe save 25% (our estimation not theirs). Which translates into anywhere between Rs. 1500 per month of saving!

Tip 3: Share a ride. 

The mathematics here is simple. If you share a ride one times out of three, you reduce your fuel expenses by 33%. That’s Rs. 2000 per month in your pocket.

Tip 4: Roll it up! 

Reduce air conditioner use, and if you can’t, ensure the windows are rolled up tightly. Using the air conditioner increases fuel cost from 13% up to 21%. If it’s cool enough, use the flow-through ventilation instead of rolling down the windows or using the AC. Add 1250 to your monthly saving.

Tip 5: Use the right gears.

Incorrect gear shifting can lead to as much as 20% increase in fuel consumption. Start your car in the 1st gear only, except if you are in a muddy patch or going downhill then engage the 2nd gear. Let’s assume you’re a really poor driver and always drive in the wrong gear. Paying attention could save you Rs. 1250!

Now let’s do the math. Simply adding up the numbers above could more than Rs. 6600 in saving per month! An iPhone 6 EMI per month is close to Rs. 4000 only!

(We know these are broad brush strokes, and the calculation are likely to be more complicated. But let’s say it it’s even half of this amount, that’s just Rs. 600 short of a iPhone 6s EMI!)

Isn’t that something worth considering?

Note: This article is based on numbers published by the Petroleum Conservation Research Association(PCRA) a registered society set up under the aegis of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Government of India. Proceed with caution – the numbers sound too good to be true. They are based on a back of the envelope calculation of based on the PCRA numbers and may finally vary.


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