5 essentials items for a low carbon holiday

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Thinking about preserving the environment while you’re on a vacation can be hard to do, because let’s face it, holidays are meant to be about taking a break from everyday responsibilities. Fret not, to help you have a hassle free, low carbon holiday – we’ve put together a list 5 items that will help you cut your carbon footprint, as you go about enjoying your holiday. The only effort will lie in the planning before you embark on your trip, but once that’s done, you can stop thinking about every choice you make.

5 things to take on every holiday:

  1. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Personal Purifier Bottle: Drinking water is something we are always unsure of, especially when our holidays are planned for those slightly remote places. A direct result – we opt for buying multiple bottles of mineral water, leading to a spike in the number of empty plastic bottles we leave behind as waste. The Eureka Forbes Aquaguard personal purifier, priced at lesser than Rs. 500, is a great choice for such occasions. This portable bottle can be refilled for instant purification and is known to remove 99.9% bacteria and virus. Not only that, the bottle is also BPA free and made from non toxic plastic, making it a great environment friendly choice too.
  2. Callmate Power Bank Solar 12000 mAH: This simple device from Callmate, works on solar energy and can charge up to two devices at a time, while helping conserve on energy. All you need to do is identify a place where there’s enough sunlight and place your device there for charging. Available on most online portals, you could pick one up here.
  3. Baking soda: Baking soda is an amazing compound. It works as an antibacterial, deodorizer and cleanser in one. Carry a small bottle of baking soda when you travel – you can use it as a deodorant (no need to carry and then dump a can), a cleanser and a disinfectant (put drinkware, cutlery in a mix of water and baking soda). Mixed with cornstarch or arrowroot powder, it also works really well as an eco-friendly, chemical free, dry shampoo.
  4. A plate and spoon: Wash and reuse as needed, instead of using disposables everywhere you go. If you must take disposables, go for those made with eco-friendly, natural materials instead of plastic or styrofoam / thermocol.  
  5. A bicycle: Invest in a good bicycle and carry it along wherever possible. If lugging your bike around isn’t an option, you could even look at renting a bike at your holiday destination. This will not only help you minimise your carbon footprint but also help you maximise your holiday experience. Biking around a place will give you an experience of the locale better than any motorised transport for sure. When considering to buy, look out for companies like Trek, Giant, Cannondale, Bianchi. They make reliable & sturdy mountain bikes that not only look good but work amazingly well in the extreme terrain as well.  You can get these bikes at most leading bike stores across the country.

Do share with us if you have any more ideas on how to plan for an eco-friendly holiday and yes! let’s ensure we leave no trace behind on ours!


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