The lazy person’s guide to eco-friendly living

eco friendly living

Let’s face it, some of us find it harder to get around to doing things than others. It’s not that we don’t care, it just takes us time to get started and move along. At, we feel your pain – so we’ve put together a simple list of 8 things lazy people can do and contribute to protecting the environment. So if you’re one such person, here’s how you can cut your carbon footprint, without breaking a sweat!

Eat leftovers: Don’t bother cooking, or making the effort shopping for fresh vegetables, OR, thinking about where to order your next meal from! Cook twice, and order in once, and eat leftovers the rest of the days. Do this regularly, and you’ll help eliminate food waste. You’ll be happy to know that you’ll help reduce some of the 50,000 tonnes of food that’s wasted in India, every year.


Skip a bath: Ask yourself. Do I need to bathe today? Can I do with a dry bath or a sponge bath instead? You’ll get 20-30 extra minutes in bed, and you’ll save nearly 80 litres of water if you like to shower.

Use power strips around the house: Especially if you have a study, or where you keep your TV. Power strips can help you strip down your power consumption simply by pressing one button. You don’t have to pick up the remote for every device, or go around turning off multiple switches. One is all it takes!

Reduce the brightness of your screens: According to experts at Intel, the brightest monitor of your laptop or PC, consumes twice the power used by the dimmest setting. Reducing screen brightness for both your laptop and TV can help reduce your energy consumption. Just set it up once, and let it be.

Take a staycation: If you like city holidays, save yourself the trouble of finding a location, making travel plans, doing bookings, packing and unpacking, getting onto flights, and spend your holiday walking around. Stay where you are. Just get driven to a  nice property within your city, and enjoy its luxuries. You’ll save tonnes of fossil fuel, and money too!

Say no to paper bills: Opt for electronic communication from all service providers. No paper bills means, less trouble in reviewing, storing, and then disposing. You’ll cut kilos from your paper consumption every year, and save a few trees in the bargain!

Go Solar: Install a solar panel in your house to generate your own electricity. No keeping tracking of energy consumption or paying bills. Install, and start using. There will always be enough sunlight, so you don’t have to start thinking of the future.

Become fashionably slow: Slow fashion is a real thing, and a big emerging trend. It basically makes it fashionable to repeat clothes, buy clothes that are designed to be more versatile and ‘evergreen’, and wear clothes made of sustainable fabrics. You’ll be under less pressure to go shopping frequently, to stay in tune with fashion trends, and manage your wardrobe pile up. You’ll also help reduce the pressure on natural resources.

Our list is inspired by the United Nations’ “The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World,” which shares different ideas on how you can promote sustainability through simple steps. Check them out. And, if you have any other ideas – share them with us!


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