Build a Kids Bowling Set, and other fun things you can do with plastic bottles!

Plus 4 other games you can create with recycled bottles

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Plastic waste has a huge impact on our planet. When plastic bottles, for example, end up in a landfill, they get compressed among other junk, and take up to a thousand years to decompose, all the while releasing toxic gases that poison the ecosystem. Often, plastic bottles end up in the ocean where they get trapped and end up severely harming marine life. When you recycle, it avoids the plastic coming in contact with the environment in a toxic form and allows it to be used again. We can also help the process along by upcycling, or transforming any plastic bottles we have at home into new items. Here are a a few fun ways to recycle your empty bottles at home and turn them into plastic art.

  1. Bowling alley: All you need is an empty hallway, some bottles and a fun spirit. Line up the bottles as they would stand in a bowling alley and let the fun begin. Here is a video showing you how to do this at home.


2. Cherry Blossom Art: Use the bottom of your plastic bottle to create beautiful cherry blossom trees. Use the base of the bottle as a stamp. For more on this fun way to reuse plastic bottles watch this tutorial. 

3. Ladybug family: Cut out the base of your plastic bottles using a box cutter, have some fun with paint to create a cute family of ladybugs that the kids will love. Watch the full video here.

4. Chess Set: For those who want something a bit more challenging, try making this chess set out of old plastic bottles. If done well, it looks beautiful and creates a great plastic art. Watch the DIY video here 

  1. Decoration/Bottle cap mosaic: Try painting the tops of caps or simply grouping together similar color caps to make a pretty mosaic effect. Te caps can either be glued onto a large sheet of paper or a wall. This video shows the world’s largest mosaic that was made in Slovenia using 500,000 plastic caps.

There are an endless number of ways to reuse old plastic bottles and here are some more ideas. These are great for those of us who are overwhelmed by the sheer number of bottles in our homes. Recycling should be second nature to us especially when you see that India is one of the top 20 countries that dump the most plastic waste in the oceans. So next time you have an excess of bottles, make sure you try out one of these craft ideas with your kids.


Photo credit: riekhavoc via ChairsHunt CC BY-NC-SA

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