Make eco-friendly play-dough and finger paint at home!

Do something fun, cut out the chemicals, and reduce waste!

eco friendly play dough

For most kids aged 2-7, nothing is as exciting as getting their hands dirty with paint, and digging into play-dough. Squishing, kneading, cleaning, and doing it all over again. For the younger of the lot, still ‘mouthing’, there’s the additional fun of putting these brightly colored playthings into their mouths. Kids enjoy this the most, and mothers abhor it equally – because they are concerned about the chemicals that their children are consuming through their mouth or their skin, and of course, because of the cleaning up required afterwards!

We found two really fun videos that we are sure will ease up the pressure on mom’s who are concerned about the chemicals. Simple DIY’s for skin friendly, edible and eco-friendly play-dough and finger paint. Remember, ‘edible’ doesn’t mean that it is meant to be eaten, only that if a child were to put it in his or her mouth, it won’t harm them.


Also note, that the recipes provided below use food grade color, so if you’re going to get your child to make it with you (which we highly recommend you do!), make sure both of you use an instrument to stir and and mix, or wear gloves (just wrap some plastic around your hand). Once this eco-friendly play-dough or finger paint is ready, using it shouldn’t cause a problem.

Finger Paint: All this needs is some Cornstarch, Food Color and Water, and something to store it in. Best that you recycle old glass bottles or jars for this. You probably have the first and last ingredient at home, and if you’re looking for food color, you can find it at any local store, or order is right away on Amazon. You can also use natural colorants like Turmeric and Beetroot. If you’re interested, our post on on making natural colors could be of help to you.

Edible play dough: This needs basic flour, lots of salt, refined oil, and of course color! In addition, for this one you definitely need something to protect your hands in the initial stages of mixing the color. If you don’t already have a reusable rubber glove at home, you can simply wrap some plastic around your hand, or use the kneader from your food processor. Again, you can buy food color from your regular store, or buy it on Amazon, here. What makes this particularly eco-friendly is that replaces branded play-dough – every box of which creates more packaging waste, and little plastic boxes that just pile up around the house.

Hope you have fun trying these out. We’d love to hear from you!

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