Purify indoor air with plants

How exactly does one do it?

air cleaning plants

Did you know that according to research conducted right here in India, three commonly found plants can help you literally ‘Grow Fresh Air’ in your homes. And, there’s a science behind the number of plants you need per person.

Here’s a snap shot for you:


The three wonder plants are Areca Palm, Mother in Law’s Tongue, and Money Plant. For a four member household, you need 16 shoulder high Areca Palms and 34 Mother in Law’s Tongues. These two together will get rid of almost all of the CO2 in your home, during the day and at night. Money Plant, helps remove other toxins like Formaldehyde.

Each of these air cleaning plants cost around Rs 300, and if you buy in bulk you can get better prices. So a one time investment of around Rs.10,000 to Rs. 15,000 can cover your entire home and all your family members. In comparison, an air purifier that costs Rs. 10,000 can only be used in certain rooms at different times of the day, and you pay extra for electricity.

So if you’re really look for an all natural way of improving your health, try this out!

Watch this great 4 minute Ted Talk to know more about these best indoor plants for clean air.


2 thoughts on “Purify indoor air with plants”

  1. Vikas November 3, 2016

    Would love to get a sense of numbers vs space or people that can be covered. The numbers mentioned will be too much for a standard apartment. May be less for a bungalow.


    • Garima Punia November 5, 2016

      Hi Vikas. according to a famous NASA study that also mentions which plants to use, you need one plant for every 100 ft of space. That said, I assume that takes into consideration only a certain level of air toxicity – for extremely polluted areas, more are probably needed. We’ll try and figure this out and come back.

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