How to cut your paper towel usage by 1/3

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Before you read this, you should know that we have no idea how many reams of paper towels are used in washrooms across India every day, and how many trees are cut down to meet the demand of this basic necessity.

All we do know is that every corporate office, shopping mall, movie theater and also homes now, offer disposable paper towels for convenience. AND we know that paper towels are used indiscriminately. Like cellphones, urban consumers can’t live visit the loo, and not use paper towels. So when we think of reducing our consumption of paper, and conserving natural resources, reducing the number of paper towels we consume, may actually be able to make a difference.


A part of the problem lies with the product design – all of us have had experiences when you see a lonely paper towel peeking out of the dispenser, and yank it, only to 4 of them topple out together. You can’t really stuff them back into the dispenser so you use all of them. The other problem often is that the quality of the paper towel just isn’t good enough. It’s not absorbent enough to dry your hands completely.

So how do we restrict the number of towels we use everyday, while maintaining the hygiene standards that we are used to?

Clearly, using washable cloth towels is one option, but that is not a hygienic option in a public loo. The 2nd is to use a hand dryer instead of a paper towel. Again here, there have been reported concerns about hygiene but more importantly it may not be available everywhere. So, we’re back to using paper towels.

Here’s a fabulous video which in just a few minutes teaches you a simple technique that can help you cut down your paper towel consumption by 1/3rd.

Try it out!

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