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We want people in urban cities to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle. But we know we cannot do it alone. We need the help of other like minded individuals, who practice what we preach, and can serve as role models for others.

Write / blog for us, and help others adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle!

We will pay you for every piece you write, and also give you a 20% discount voucher from our partner SoapWorks.

Ready to move forward?

Here are some editorial guidelines:

  • Pick a topic you know well: you’ve either practiced and seen success, or know about because you’ve studied it.
  • Showcase your efforts and success: If you do something that you think others should be doing too, share your ideas with step by step instructions.
  • Make your writing matter: Keep the topic specific, and keep your writing action oriented (it should help the reader make a decision or do something differently). How To articles, informative pieces that generate awareness about new innovations that people can actually use, and your own experiences with living a green lifestyle and what you do everyday, are welcome!
  • Keep it simple: 500 words, with easy to read bulleted lists is what we need
  • Include visuals: Show us what you’ve done and what impact it has made
  • Start small!: You don’t have to think of something that moves mountains. Everyday things make a difference. See other posts on our site for inspiration!
  • Remember to review our terms and conditions (listed below)

Write to editor@dogreen.in to discuss things further, and if you’d like us to contact you, just leave your details in the form below.

We look forward to hearing from you!