About: Sanghmitra Rajat Kumar

Sanghmitra Rajat Kumar

Sanghmitra Rajat Kumar is the Founder of Dash Of Bling (www.dashofbling.com), a keen blogger, and a Bangalore city dweller acutely aware of the larger impact of our lifestyle choices.

Posts by Sanghmitra Rajat Kumar:

repurpose champagne and wine corks

Repurpose Champagne and Wine Corks!

how to make wind chimes at home

7 upcycling ideas to make your own wind chimes

eco friendly gift wrapping

10 Eco friendly gift-wrapping options

mothers day gift ideas

Eco-friendly DIY gifts for Mother’s Day!

upcycle old towels

Upcycle old towels

DIY frames from waste

10 Creative Picture Frames Made From Waste!

repurpose old school supplies

Uber cool ways to repurpose old school supplies!

how to make your own toothpaste

Why do I need to make my own toothpaste?

upcycle old ladder

Upcycle those ladders

how to make ripped jeans

Want ripped jeans? Make them yourself!

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