5 ways to recycle a toothpaste tube

We’ve already told you about ways in which you can successfully recycle your old toothbrushes. Recycling of toothpaste tubes is quite important. Why? Because they are made of plastic which takes hundreds or even thousands of years to break...


upcycle old denims for kids

7 ways to upcyle denims for kids

We’ve already told you about how amazingly this denim fabric can be up-cycled. We’ve further put a post for you on how to recycle it for. Listed below are 5 such ways. Caddy for kids’ keeps: Create a long caddy to tuck away the kids’...

cleaning toys at home

Keep toys clean without chemicals

Kids and their toys are inseparable but how often do you end up giving their little companions a scrub? Toys accumulate dust, grime and germs and this ruins the entire hygiene factor we try and maintain with kids.  Of course you try and take every...



Why do I need to make my own toothpaste?

If your answer to getting the perfect dazzling white teeth involves a big labeled brand of toothpaste, then may be it’s time to re-read that label. Most toothpaste, (including some brands that claim to be natural) can include toxic chemicals that...